Monday, April 28, 2008

Why I love the Olympics...

b/c of posts like this => Is it going to be Javier or Vanessa?

On the 'training' front, I add up the hours last week and it turned out to be 13.5 hours (12.5 hr aerobic exercise). Not too shabby.

Today, over coffee, I was sharing with a friend how I don't feel like I am training. It was quite funny b/c anyone can see 12.5 hr, compare to average joe, is a lot. I just so happen to have less schedule and have more fun time in the pool, on the bike and on the road. I guess since I ain't doing an Ironman, I don't see myself as training.

Anyways, today's 'training', fun fun stuff. Hill repeats. As always, I have doubts as to how my body will perform considering yesterday I did a long run.

Speaking with Darren on Sat, he suggested that I don't set limit for my hill repeats. Work on leg strength and let the heart rate soar.

Right off the bat, my legs were feeling the fatigue from the long run.

I wasn't holding back but I wasn't going all out. Well at times, it felt like I was going all out. I ran up the hill seven times.

A lot of huffing and puffing going to the top. Zones wise, I was hitting Z3 a lot. I touched the tip of Z4 (181 HR max). I got a feeling that muscle fatigue rather than the heart prevent me from staying in Z4.

By the fifth set, there was a lot of contemplation of settling just doing six. I never run seven before. Body is tired. I should give the legs some rest. The legs though, were holding quite well. As I ran down the sixth set, I thought, why not, just do one more for kicks.

My legs were done. I was running in Z1 back to the community center. I don't have to pace myself to keep my HR down. My legs were already doing that (tired).

I ran back to the community center and hit the pool. Woah, I am done. My plan was do a few sets and drills in the pool. I ended up swimming 1 km (500 m w/ pull) and called it a day.

All in all, I am content.


brendaj said...

I didn't realized that you aren't doing an IM this year. That is a lot of training, but in a way you're fortunate that you enjoy the long endurance workouts that much! I enjoy the training more than the racing, but I have trouble motivating myself to train without the races. That's how I've gone from swimming, biking, and running to just doing boot camp!

And on your prior post, my thoughts on happiness are that it's not the end goal. My own goal is to reach a state of real gratitude for what I have or even less than what I have. Happiness is definitely a choice.

Michael said...

Your blog is truly inspirational! Thanks for the kind comments on mine as well, and thanks most of all for keeping those feet're a testament to the power of the Holy Spirit and the human will. Best to you!
-- Mike (Running With Cancer)

Brent Buckner said...

Yeah, 13.5 is a big number.

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) said...

training? who's training? what, this isn't recess?????

Steven said...

Keep running the hills, Cliff. Hills are speedwork in disguise I always say!

Rae said...

So what are your race plans this year? You are really doing a lot of training!

cdnhollywood said...

About your question on my blog regarding a commuter bike. I ride a cyclocross bike - it's a road bike but a bit heavier and stronger. Typically (and for mine) the geometries are the same. I really like mine (a Ridley Crossbow) 'cause it fits in a lot of places - road, gentle off-road, races and commuting.

As for getting them cheap for commuting, I'd look for a 2nd hand one, simply because commuting is hard on a bike. I'm sure in Missisauga you've got a lot of 2nd hand options around you.

Hope that helps! If not, drop me another line!

Spokane Al said...

I also absolutely love the Olympics and am very much looking forward to them (as well as the Tour de France).

It sounds like you have broken through to the next level of your training. What a feeling -right?