Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is happiness overrated?

Today I had 2 hr long run. It was great. The weather was just nice and warm. I ran with a IM jersey I got earlier the year.

I stayed in Zone 1 and just keep things easy. After yesterday's ride, my legs were sore. :)

It is interesting about endurance sport. For those of us who are in it, we know how good it feels when it hurts. When we put the work down. When we drop buckets of sweats to increase that little amount of speed. And at times, it is not happy.

I was just thinking about this in relation to how the society cultivate us that happiness is the goal in life. Is that the goal? Does it satisfy?

For me, it feels like there is something lacking. My friend consider happiness as fast food. It gives quick pleasure but leaves a bitter heart burn after.

Today at church, the pastor talked about one thing that intrigued me. He actually got this from Harry Potter. The line was, 'you will have to pick between a right choice or an easy one'.

For us athletes, easy choice is simple. Don't train. Don't hold ourselves from eating junk food. Don't stretch.

It is the little stuff and it is easy to do (or not do) them that makes a huge difference in the long run. It is the choice that we will either get up early to train or not that will make a difference.

I guess what I am looking at is how the culture reinforce that we can have 'easy' and happiness at the same time.

I was thinking how hard an Ironman is. And some of the most joyful moments was the journey toward that. I can still remember the first group swim in open water in white caps. Washing machine experience.

Or the many rides with Darren where he 'cracked' me :).
Or the first 200 km ride.
Or the first 3 hr run.

These things ain't 'easy'. They are though, definitely very enjoyable.

I can't say they are happy like when I get a present.

I guess I am throwing out the question. Ultimately, is happiness the most important thing in your life? (all feedback is welcome)...

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CR said...

I think LOVE is the most important thing!