Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still here..

Going to do a quick post before I leave work.

Last week my throat was down with something. With busy-ness, lack of sleep and a scratchy throat, I did not do a lot of training. For the weekend, I went to Muskoka with the Bible Quiz team from my church. They are having a tournament there and I was supervising the kids.

Despite the throat thing, I manage to go out for a run for an hour and a half. It was raining as well but I felt great. Did some trail running and hiking. Fun stuff.

Anyways, yesterday I was doing my hill repeats. FUN stuff. I ran a set of threes, drink water and do another three. The latter three, my HR just soared. I was hitting 192,193,195! Unlike last Mon where I did 7 sets, I figure 6 sets is good enough to build strength without straining myself.

Today I was looking at the brochure for the Transplant Olympic.

Take a look at this:

Cycling Registration:

Time Trials will be held first (a maximum of 80 competitors). TT Bars are allowed. The course is 5 km, flat, double hairpin with one 60’ corner and one S bend.

The 20 km Road Race will be broken into 2 groups: adults and seniors, followed by veterans and super veterans. The course is a 1.4 km flat closed circuit, with 1 small hill, and no sharp turns. After the first 8 finishers are in, the race is over. TT bars are not allowed in the Road Race. ANSI or SNELL approved helmets are mandatory.

Time Trails! You know what that means. Hold on to pain and crank it for 5 km =D. After doing a 9 km and 13 km TT with Darren last time, I want to just crank it. With the Cerevelo Dual, I look forward to rocking the course.

There are a number of track and field games. They are fairly short distance (25 m, 50 m, 100 up to 5 km run race etc.).

Now, I just have to work out the logistics to get down there. The games are in weekedays (Aug 4-9). If I take the week off, I can go down (to Windsor, 4 hr drive), race and train at the same time.

Until then, I have Muskoka Long course in June and Half Ironman in July to focus on. Right now just keep having fun :)

I find this on the blogsphere....it is the toughest week for Jonathan Caron (Pro triathlete, 2nd place at IMC last year).

Few observations:

i) as Chuckie V said, triathlon is a simple sport. Swim, bike and run. Everyday, that's what Jonathan does. Day in and day out.

ii) Long bike => Bike 6:30h with 3x30min Zn3 + transition +Run + 20min Zn2-Zn3 + 10min cooldown. That's tough. I am sure I will crack staying on Zn3 on my bike for so long. On the other hand, that's my limiter. Need to crank more hills.

Take care everyone...my Dual is in the shop until end of this week to have a cable replace. I miss it...


Thomas said...

Those Transplant Olympics look really cool.

Anonymous said...

Muskoka. A lovely break from the city, too!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like fun and a good chance to get some good speedwork in too at the Transplant Olympics. Hope you're feeling 100% again soon!

Rachel said...

Wow. That would be awesome. Take care of your throat!

Anonymous said...

My name is Dara. I had a liver transplant, compete in the transplant games in running and other events, and believe in Jesus. Are you going to the 2009 Australia games? email me