Monday, July 09, 2007

Relaxo to the Maxo

The title was taken from a sign at my friend's cottage. I was there for the weekend. I eat a lot and slept a lot. Boy did I sleep a lot. I would get up, eat breakfast, sleep, eat lunch, sleep....

hmm...definitely relaxo to the maxo

The cottage was a good getaway. It was relaxing to sit by the dock and dip my feet in the water. My friends played frisbee in the canoes and water ski. I would love to dive in and swim in the lake. Last year, I brought my wetsuit and did a loop around an small island. Well...right now with a AC tear in my right shoulder..not a good idea.

I am sure all of you are wondering how's my shoulder. It is more flexible than last week. Instead of a sharp pain, it is more of a dull ache. Like a muscle sore. I still can't rotate it 360. So no swimming.

I haven't train for the past week. I miss swimming, biking and running :(. I figure I can do some biking on my trainer. I dont' want to ride outside as I will be putting pressure on my right arm.

I am seeing the specialist on Tues and probably on Fri. I was talking to my parents last night. I still haven't decided if I am bailing the race. Let see how the shoulder is like by next Wed. Then I can make a decision to race or bail.

Since the decision is still in the limbo, I am not going to fret over this. Fretting doesn't help recovery.

Yes the pics are coming....i took the pictures on Fri. Lots of shoulder shots and bruised blood :o).


Born To Endure said...

No..don't NOT do the race. There was a lady I know who crashed a couple of weeks before IMFLA..she tore up her side and her shoulder pretty awful, but she still swam the course w/one arm, biked carefully and ran the whole race with her arm in a sling..don't EVER give up...well I guess unless you're 100000% sure you'll do permanent damage to your arm..we wouldn't want that, but I would so love to see you finish this Ironman with me...:-))

Phil said...

Do not. I repeat. Do not bail on the race. Get back on the trainer, and keep the legs spinning. If Tyler Hamilton can do the TdF on a broken collar bone; and Floyd can do it with a bum hip - you can do Lake Placid. I repeat. You can do Lake Placid.

Thomas said...

Don't bail on the race until you're absolutely 100% sure that you can't do it. Don't worry about the loss of fitness, that won't be an issue. Just try and get your shoulder in working order.

Trisaratops said...

Thinking and praying for you! I know how hard you've worked to get here and it would be a shame to bail...but I guess in the end that's up to you and the Doctor...I'm with Shelley, though--if there's any way possible you can do it without doing permanent damage, then just readjust your goals to FINISH and enjoy your hard-earned day.


ShirleyPerly said...

I agree with the others. Unless you risk permanent damage, you should be thinking of going to and doing the race. You can drop out if you absolutely have to after the start but at least you will know that you tried and gave it your best shot (remember your "You are going to fail" post on 5/4/07?). Isn't that what it's really about?

Robin said...

Yeah, stay cool till next week.

Permanent damage as a result - don't do the race.

No permament damage -- DOOOO it!

I'll be there cheering you on!

In the meantime, more relaxo to the maxo --love that phrase. (my RR is up!)

qcmier said...

Hang in there. You have such a great attitude about this. Stay positive.