Friday, July 06, 2007

Stress week

In Canada, it is a short week here. Mon was a holiday for Canada's Day. However, it did not feel like it was a short week.

I was under a lot of pressure.

i) The specialist I see for my shoulder is 45 min drive away. I saw him on Tues and yesterday after work.
ii) Fellowship - I am stepping down from the role and spent the week preparing the necessary admin work for selecting the next leader.
iii) Work - This ain't much of a complain but the boss wanted a survey to be done ASAP.

Wed was especially stressful. I had to get the survey done and prepare notes for the new leader. By midnight, I stopped. My throat was having trouble swallowing so I know i am coming down with something.

The radio station last night reminded me that when you are under stress, your level of cortisol goes up. This stress hormone reduces recovery. Hearing that, I know I need to lighten up.

More importantly, I know I have to rely on God.

Last night, fellowship went very well. We had one brother willing to the take role of the leader. It started with a study of 1 Timothy 3 (the roles of Deacons and Overseers). Then I have the group brainstorm ideas the qualifiication fo a leader based on that passage.

We then had a Q & A period.

Why do you want to lead?
What's your spiritual gifts?
What's your vision and expectations?
Are you right with God?

We voted among ourselves and the fellowship seemed to be satisfy with the decision. Everyone had a chance to voice their opionion. The process is open and transparent (key to leading).

Whatever you do, make sure you finish strong. That was my mentality for last night. I have to finish strong. I have to make sure that the fellowship continue to thrieve and flourish without me.

I shared my struggles with a brother and here is his response:

Cliff, I think you're doing a commendable job. Succession planning is one
of the critical yet often-neglected elements of effective leadership of
formalized groups. I think you're going about it in a very sensible way,
providing your fellowship with a standard against which to make their decision,
providing a suggested candidatet, and then leaving it in their hands to decide
for themselves.

I trust that God will guide you and your fellowship through this
process. Surely he has been training you these past years, even now, and
will continue to do so in the days ahead :)

I can admit and pin point areas in my leadership where I made mistakes. I do not know the future of the fellowship. I do know that I have made one of the best decision before I stepped down.

Praise the Lord.

How's my shoulder?? Pics to come when I get back home!


Anonymous said...

I hope that appointment goes well and you're able to get your projects completed in time!

Fe-lady said...

I haven't been to your site in awhile either! Sorry to hear you are having shoulder problems...hope you heal soon! Are you able to swim at all? I will scroll and read some of your archives to see what you did to cause the injury....I doubt if you were playing hockey-but who knows! Take care! Fe-lady :-)

JC said...

Cliff, the suspense is killing me. How is your shoulder!? Pictures means MRI, right?

Unknown said...

Hang in there wiht the shoulder and let us know how it is going.

Nice job transitioning leadership. That is important.

Dances with Corgis said...

Hopefully your specialist is worth the drive!

Is there anything stress DOESN'T affect negatively?

brendaj said...

Sounds like you were very thoughtful in your approach to the leadership decision...and I'm sure that was much appreciated.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Yup, you got that right. Stop stressing out and rely on Him. (Easier said than done, I'll admit).

I think it's wise of you to put so much thought and preparation into succession planning. Most of us will just hand the reins to whoever is willing to lead fellowship. :)

Will continue praying for you, hope the sore throat goes away and that shoulder heals up nicely. Oh, BTW, I have been taking glucosamine regularly for a few months now. Us ol athelete wanna-bies need it. :)