Friday, December 16, 2005

It's one of those days....

It's funny how one of those down days it can change as quickly as the weather. We were expecting a snowstorm today. 30 cm snow (15 inches). Instead today, it is sunny and only 5 cm of snow.

The bottom post was how I felt 2 hr ago. I was down and frustrated...after a meeting..some clarification..things are much better.

On this blog, I think I spent way too much time talking about my training than my personal life (but wait..ain't my training is my personal life :D). Since I have been tri-tagged (Marathena, Thomas and Mica) . I realize I should do a list of things about me. So let the numbers roll.....(this morning I spent 1 hr and a half at the pool. I still working on my kicks. It is not down right yet. 45 min on kicks, 45 min on zipper switch drills [with fins]).

1. I love eating salad raw ever since I was a kid.
2. B/c of #1, my parents joke they should get me a lettuce for my b-day.
3. Instead of a lettuce for my b-day, my parents have got me a dictionary (hmm...thanks :D)
4. I love Linkin Park. I can relate to each of their songs. It is so dark and so real.
5. I have been only to one rock concert in my life.
6. Back in highschool, I was the quiet geeky kid that you seen in the hall.
7. I study way too hard in University but not smart enough to get good grades.
8. I enjoy poking my cat when he is about to fall asleep. Then I stare somewhere else and pretend it wasn't me.
9. When my mom planted cherry tomatoes in the backyard, the squirrel will keep on stealing them. My sis and I put chilly sauce one of the tomatoes and we never had problems with squirrel no more.
10. I love to sing despite being a horrible singer.
11. My taste bud is very poor. My nose is not very good at smelling.
12. For one year, I play paintball hardcore. My friend and I would practice once a week taking snap shots at each other. We even have a paintball 3 man team with a girl as our captain (yes, she can kick ass).
13. During one paintball practice, my captain was behind me and shot me on the head (by mistake she said).
14. I am uptight too easily (got that from dad)
15. I can eat the same meal everyday for a long period of time. (Chicken burger every lunch for school)
16. I once had a dating contest with my friend. The deal was to see who can be first to get 10 lavalife...yeah I won. Ok..maybe i didn't won..I am still single :)
17. I am a big Bible Thumper...I am leading a Fellowship and go to another small group. I love studying the Bible and trying to see within the context of that time.
18. Before Tri, I read a lot. (thanks for parents for taking me to library when i was little).
19. Back in gradeschool, I have a fascination for insects. I kept grasshoppers, cricket, ants, caterpillars (released them as butterflies).
20. My only near death experience (only then my cancer) was when I was 11. I was biking and rush onto the street without checking. There was an incoming van and it must have missed me by a few feet. I didn't realize it at that time. The driver pulled me over and want to see my parents. I misled him and I got away scott free.
21. I played a lot of video games when I was little. This would explain my good reflex skills and poor communication skills.
22. After my liver transplant, I was considered as the miracle boy. I was find before and find after (praise the Lord)
23. I am a WW2 buff. I know the war, the armour inside out (hmm Panthers..Tigers..M4 Shermans...Churchills...KV-1...T-34...IS-2)

Ok I think I will stop now...I am running out of things to talk about myself. Things are looking quite good.

Tomorrow, seeing the dentist (let see if my gums are heal so he can fix my teeth). Then afternoon, my friend is going to help me find my LT for running.

Sunday, last swim class. I still need more drilling. I haven't been working on my strokes (not that kind of stroke, Nancy). And Sun night, my Church is having a Christmas Banquet....sweet...

It's rare for me to have one of those days. This morning up at 5:30 am. We were expecting a heavy snow storm. It turned out to be a false alarm. After shoveling the driveway, walked to the swimming pool. On the way there, I was hit with a barrage of negativity.

This was all work-related. I was blabbing it to Will a few days back. Pretty much I am getting tired of the management.


Fe-lady said...

Skimmed your post...will have to re-read again, but just had to tell you...your cat KNOWS who poked him! :-0 (meow!)

tri-mama said...

We got your snow and I'm tired of shoveling it. Feel free to stop by with a shovel any day :) Nice list.

Comm's said...

I used to pray for a better singing voice in church. Then I decided that if this is the voice God gave me then why wish for something else. He gets it nice and loud now.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to work on my kicking too. But somehow when I am consciously thinking about my kicking, I feel that more effort is spent and I get more tired than when I just swim. Is that just me? :P
I also like to 'THINK ARROW'. I like to think of myself splicing the water like an arrow :P
(I'm such a geek)

Bolder said...

ok, i could barely think about the list... i'm still on the shimmering top...

p.s. i had to type in 'lgcdhmcz' to leave this comment... you guys are killing me...

Boris' Dad said...

cliff, i enjoyed this post. learned some things about you i never knew.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on #17 and I especially like the cartoon caption.

Sarah Lukas said...

I really liked this post- it got me to see more about you- dont worry about those bad down days. We all get them. :-)

Anonymous said...

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