Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

Helen Keller


Whenever I suffer, I know what I am going through is good for me. Comfortablility (sp?) is only a temporary illusion. Being comfortable is being complacent. Complacency = death. Whether we are working for the next job promotion or in sports, The second we sit back and relax, we are behind already.

Continuous improvement...such a business lingo. What gets down to it is the relentless drive.


Has anyone notice how much leaner they got? I have been seeing myself in the mirror at the change room. Woah. Fit :). I was talking to Williamhow my calves got much leaner compare to two years ago. My core is weak. Improving my core should improve my swimming (sinking) ability. A leaner body, what a great side effect from training hard :)

Woke up late and miss chlorine bath today. Considering today as a rest day and go tomorrow. Tonight, dinner with my Fellowship and our Pastor. It will be an enjoyable night. If I get home early, I will work on my abs.


Papa Tweet said...

Good to have you back. Have you looked at the video clips on They are super helpful. When I was doing TI those videos were pretty handy. However, you are taking the class so you probably have all the visual aids you need. Anyway, just a thought. Take care Cliff

Comm's said...

your talking about suffering from Common Man Syndrome. Glad you don't have it.

Spandex King said...

What???? Dinner and then ab work. For me, after a big dinner I can really feel those abs. No ridges, just one big hard belly. Kinda like a keg as compared to a six pack. Have fun.

TriZilla said...

Love the post! The first part I needed. Thank you.

And I totally agree about being more lean - I did the same mirror check while I was lifting this morning... I swear these spandex shorts are getting loose-- Way to go, Cliff!

Bolder said...

i think it's the swimming... more of an overall body workout then i'm used to...


Lucky number 7 said...

Hey great post!! I love ab work!! As for being lean, I have never in my life been so lean!! Whoa, fit right?? Cool!! Anyway, I tagged you. Now you have to right 5 random things about yourself! Good luck!!