Saturday, December 17, 2005

In search for my Latec Threshold

Today, I recruited one of my friend to help me to determine my ventilatory threshold (VT). This is based on pg. 58 from the Triathlete's Training Bible by Joe Friel.


1. Start the test at a very slow speed - 70-80 seconds for a lap. Every half lap, slightly increasing speed until you are forced to stop.
2. Two or three steps berfore passing by your assistant, call out your HR. The assistant will note this. Pick up the pace slightly so your next lap is about 3-5 seconds faster than the previous one.
4. When it becomes labored for the first time (a lot of air being moved), this is your "ventilatory threshold" (VT).

The ventilatory threshold corresponds with the latec threashold. The lap is 220 m long.

Here are my results:

LapsTime (seconds)Heart rate (HR)

I biked an hour this morning. I shouldn't have done that. That might have affected my LT test. I was tiring out by lap 3. If you notice between lap 1 and lap 2, I picked up the speed too fast (7 seconds difference). My LT is around 175 - 183. Being conservative I am going to use 175. Realistically, I am around 180. When I did the 10k race last month, I was able to maintain 180 for duration fo the race.

Based on this and checking with the Running HR Zone tables, here are my zones:

Zone 1 (recovery) = 116-148
Zone 2 (Extensive Endurance) = 149-158
Zone 3 (Intensive Endurance) = 159-167
Zone 4 (Threshold Training) = 168-174
Zone 5a (Threshold Training) = 175-178
Zone 5b (VO2 Max Intervals) = 179-185
Zone 6 (Anaerboic Repetition)= 186-194

This corresponded to my marathon training (my first time using HRM). During my long runs, I kept myself at zone 2. At that pace, I was very comfortable.

For long distance training (Ironman), I am not worry nor concern about anything past Zone 5a. In fact, I shouldn't be hitting that zone at all. It is too high. For the first two years, I am going to spend a lot of time in zone 1-2 to train my body to burn fat. This is what I gathered from reading Going Long and other books. I will redo this test next month. I doubt it will change. But it might give me a better accurate of my zones.

I was planning on swimming after the LT test. During the test, I have pulled my left calve muscle (never done that before). So now at home, relaxing. Tomorrow is the last swim class. Let's just rest up for that.

I was talking to my dad about looking for another job. We spent an hour talking about career. It was good. I am not the type that ask my parents for advice. There is times when I have to put my ego away and ask for help. It seems good. Dad is supporting me to look for something else.


Sixteen Chickens said...

arrggghh MATH!!! *wylee runs screaming from the room* Sorry Cliff, math scares me. :)

Bolder said...

good job! i think it was well worth it, because it seem like you have a higher than average max heart rate... so, now you are dialed in for your zones... i need to repeat the test myself -- i know it is no fun!!!

Julie B said...

Interesting LT test and results. My run coach sent me another LT method on the treadmill; he told me to perform it when I am well rested, fueled and hydrated. I'm thinking Christmas morning; after a night of seafood and steak.

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