Sunday, October 23, 2005

Diet is on vacation for a day and getting hooked up on the Internet

Today my diet is on vacation. I had two coffees in the day time. At dinner time me, Anners and her b/f decided to do a little celebration. She just completed her second 1/2 marathon with a PB and I just finish my marathon last Sunday. We went to Casey's.

Since I don't have a front tooth to eat burgers and steaks, I orderd nachos (1/2 order), lobster dip and wedge fries (with cheese and sour cream). I also had two beers (hmm liquid bread :D). I was stuffed. I figure I won't have this until either middle of next year or God knows when. I am tempting to start my diet during Christmas time (oh....)

I met Anners through lavalife. She also met her b/f through lavalife. I don't know if this is the oddest situation I have ever stumble upon. I am cool with it. I guess I am pretty outgoing guy. Maybe tonight is Anners meeting up with all the guys she met from lavalife :D. Or maybe she just picked the best out of them :D ha ha ha.

I hope her b/f didn't feel a awkard meeting me. I tried my best to get him to talk. He is the quiet type. I think he is cool with the situation. You see, lavalife does work. Not for me. But for normal people, YES. Gooo lavalife. (Note to self: I should get paid for all this free advertisement).

PS - Yes, I did try finding a training partner (g/f) through lavalife. I still run, bike and swim by myself, you can judge the results. ;D


Stephania said...

1. Cliff, I think you should tell Geoff how to do this WORD VERIFICATION thing so that he stops getting spam on his blog comments!

2. Just wanted to leave you a msg to thank you for checking up on me & my blog.

3. I feel very unhealthy ever since I started work. On Fridays, they provide a free "lunch" for us. This consists of KFC, Subway, chips, and pop. I eat it. Plus, I have no time to go to the gym anymore 'cause I get these retarded shifts until close.

I feel gross.

tri-mama said...

Glad to see I'm in good gluttony company :)
I think we're in for a tough winter- I can feel it in my bones. so, stock up while you can :)

Anonymous said...

Goooo lavalife :P


William said...

Join a running clinic. It's a great way to meet people/training partners.

Boris' Dad said...

lots of good ideas here cliff, you should be able to meet some nice ladies through them :)