Saturday, October 22, 2005

Running for the sake of running

I ran 12 km yesterday. It felt great. No HRM, no time to focus on. Just me, the road and my mp3 player pumping those Euro beats. Today I did a quickie 5 km jog. I realize my rain gear is not rain proof. It was cold and wet. So I figure I might as well make a short run. Lesson learnt, rain gear should be water proof :). Also get gloves too, hands are freezing from the cold air.

November will be a slow month for me. I need to go get my teeth fix. I want to rest my body just a bit. I will run when I feel like it. I want to spend more time with my family. I need to make a new training plan this winter. This time, I am going to follow some books and ask other tri ppl for suggestions. No more spin the wheel and hope for the best. I mean, I am growing beyond my own experience and need help (especially YOU, who does tri, and is reading this :) ). I will post up my post marathon analyzation and my upcoming training plan soon. As usual, tips and suggestions are widely welcome.

By December I should be starving to go back to train again. That's what I want. That sudden urge and desire to train again.

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