Monday, October 24, 2005

Random thoughts of the day

1) Need to swim more. I haven't touch the pool since after Triathlon. Hmm chlorine, here I come ;)

2) Getting very excited about leading my Fellowship. A few projects that I think will really bring the group together. Hopefully, not force them together (as long as we are sharing Christ's's all good). I word it wrong. it is how my group can bring me to a few projects. I can't believe I am starting to practice what I have been learning. I don't want to fit people in my vision. No no, it is how I can fit my vision into people. This year, there was a few things planned. I want to minimize as much of those as possible and open up the Fellowship. This way, if people want to lead, they can lead. If people want to serve, they can serve. If people want to worship, they can. As long as everything we do is in the Glord of God, sweet. (Note: I do wish we can do some biking or running.....but that's just selfish thinking :) ).

3) With my mind occupying by leading the fellowship, my negative side has been whining how I won't have time to train.

Good o' Jim Collins. I am thinking so small. It is not I either focus on Fellowship or training. That is Tyranny of Or. I need Genius of And (it is an audio file). How can I focus on leading my Fellowship and keep up with my training? Love the word AND and the word HOW.

4) Aunt just sent me 1,500 US to fix my tooth. So much blessing from God.

5) Plan to jog before I drive my dad to work. This means, I will be getting up at 5. I woke up at 6 today and was out watching the cat. The day (more like night) is still dark. The sky is very cleared. I think I will enjoy jogging at the wee hours in the morning.


William said...

The morning is always yours. You own it because no one else wants it. I love training in the early morning.

Next week we move our clocks so it's a great time to use that hour to get ahead.

Papa Tweet said...

There is nothing better than training in the morning. I always have a more productive day when I train in the morning. Triathlon is like my cup of coffee. I can't get things going until I train. Wierd hah?

Anonymous said...

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