Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Catnip, a monster in the pool, an unplanned training plan

1) We have two cats in our house. Last night I bought some catnip home and give it to one of them (jojo). I have read how catnips can get a cat very high (like weed, except no smoking, is legal and no harmful side effects). Jojo was rolling all over that stuff. He got very hyper. Sweet..I wish catnip can work for me as well (especially before a race)

2) I headed over to the pool last night. Did a few laps. I was swimming breastroke. Then I asked myself maybe I should do some freestyle. For a brief sec, I froze. I could feel myself feeling embrass for not being able to do that. That negative voice came out booming "oh you will never learn. Look at those kids splashing around, they can do it and u can't." I quickly shut that voice off and start freestyling. Boy was it tough. I could only swim from one end to the other and stop to huff and puff.

I realize there is a monster in the pool. I vow to myself that this month I will come to the pool as often as I can and learn to swim freestyle. I am going to go in the morning. The pool is less crowded and only grannys and grandpas are out there. At least I can say they swim better than me because they have experience..i can't say that to kids :)

So I thought of not having a training plan for November....I guess not. :) It will be more relax. There ain't any goals. The only goal. Go to the pool and freestyle till I get the technique down.

Also did an early run this morning. Woke up at 5. Woah. It is very quiet. Very peaceful. Like Will said, I will enjoy this.


William said...

Yeah, I am in a similar place with my swimming.

I am very frustrated that I can be so worn out after 1-2 laps. I am in the process of committing to some kind of 2-3 day a week swimming training plan.

Recovering Alumni said...

I hear you about the swimming. When I started my training, I couldn't even swim with my head in the water!! Just keep practicing and you'll be amazed how much you'll improve.

Cliff said...

I jog with my kittys :D. One on each shoulder. My own version of tempo runs. Do you think I can pick up girls with that :D

Boris' Dad said...

i know. i love swimming. and then i stopped. and now i am canada's obese wonder :)

definitely get a dog. heads turn when you walk it... :)

and yes, you will pick up!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good for you! You can do it! The more you do it, the more efficient you will become. A 1/2 IM next year! Awesome! You are inspiring me. I am still on the brink. Thinking of going Olympic, and seeing how that goes. Too bad my nemesis is the bike, and that is the majority of the race! We'll see how it goes...Thanks for visiting my site!