Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Noodle arm (just one) and running my own experiment

Last night, I had a thought. There is a community pool that is close to where my mom works. I figure I can get up early, jog there and swim. My mom will drive to work. I will pick up the car and drive to work. Then after work, I will pick her up.

I tried out the new schedule today. So far it worked pretty well. I get time to train. My mom can use the car. I can use the car to get to work. I will test it out a few more times to see how it feels.

My left arm is noodley (yes, it's a new word). When I was swimming freestyle (err I mean learning to swim freestyle). My right arm is strong and pedal hard. My left arm is weak . I spent a lot of time focusing on my strokes. How my arm comes out of the water and goes back in. I figure this is a good place to start.

I notice my thighs are achy after the swim. I have read that you should use your hips to propel you. I figure I am running out of breath so fast is b/c I am not doing that. I am probably kicking with my legs (runner's kick?).

I was talking to a friend who wants to get into tri sport last night. I told him that I am running my own experiment. I am trying to figure out what is the best way for my body to perform. I think that's true for any tri or runners out there. Each of our body and our situation is different. It is up to us to hypothesize, test, analyze and reach a conclusion.

Last note, my mom came back from the doctor checkup. She told me her osteo just got worst. She wants me to help her look for a treadmill. I am joyful to hear that she wants to exercise more. I was joking how she can run with me :).


William said...

Hey I think you are right! We each find our own way.

Does you Mom have osteoarthritis or osteoporosis? My mom has really bad osteoporosis.

D said...

I think I am afraid of the swimming pool...I can't remember the last time I swam.....

Good news that your mom is going to get a treadmill - hopefully this will help her.

Cute cat by the way!

Papa Tweet said...

Hey Clif,
I read about your nose bleeds on Common Man's blog. Are you taking ibuprofen for your tooth? When I take Ibuprofen, I get nose bleeds. Just a thought.

Recovering Alumni said...

Yes, you should be swimming from your hips! When you do, your arms won't get nearly so tired. Check out this website, they've got some great info.

Anonymous said...

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