Monday, September 12, 2005

Terry Fox, Kick Butt Attitude, and Hunger

Heating up my lunch right now. Might as well add a few things that have happened recently.

I watched the Terry Fox movie last night. I only watched half of it. I thought it was 8 pm but it started at 7 pm. One amazing guy. There is a part where he has to run up a steep hill. His buddy told him to kick butt.

It makes me think about the challenge I have along my training. Most of the time it is not an intelligent decision. It is like his buddy said, "kick butt". I believe this attitude has a large part to do to the progress I have made in my training. When the going gets tough, you don't think much except the blind determination to overcome it. Just go and do it. Don't think about it (thank God I am good at not thinking).

Second, I notice my appetite have increase tremendously every since I start 30 km long runs. Maybe my body needs more calories to refuel itself. At work, I am scouring for anything that's edible. I won't be surprise. Each 30 km run I burn at least 2000 calories. I just want to make sure my body is refueling itself. It will be silly (and dangerous) to go run on an empty tank.

I can't believe there is only two more weeks of training before I taper up. This Sat I am pushing for 35 km. I can't believe last month when I started I was doing about 15-20 km. The human body is amazing...praise the Lord for that.

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