Thursday, September 08, 2005

Seventh Week - 32nd Day Training
Long distance training
Drink : 650 ml water + 650 ml Gatorade + 1200 ml water + 1200 ml water
Distance: 28.9 km
Intensity: Light
Calories Burned: 2426 Calories (based on HRM)
Average HR = 146
Duration: 3 hr 41 min (221 min)
Weather: Sunny and cool (22 degrees)

I can't believe I woke up so early to commute to Mel Lastman square. I figure since I am going to go to Jesus in the City in Queen's park, I don't need the car. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Left my house by six and walk to Square One. Took a Mississauga Transit and a subway.

My HR was going very high in the first 30 min. I had to slow down to almost walking pace to keep it below 150. Once I hit Allan Road, I am running in a much faster pace. I kept my HR below 150 until I hit Mel Lastman's Square. Then I kept it 155.

I originally planned to run the marathon route 33 km. But b/c of me leaving my house late, I just ran straight down Yonge and meet up with Jenny and Samuel.

Today is the first time i tried a Gel flask. I have to know how much gel i am intaking per squeeze. I got the gel flask yesterday. The gel flask came with a hydration belt. The belt cost around 45 bucks before tax at Running Room. There was one gel flask with a clip. That cost 20 bucks. My mouth dropped when I heard that. So expensive for a little clip. I guess maybe they jack that price up so it is more motivating for people to get the hydration belt (just being cynical). Well it worked for me :).

Need some early rest. Great run today. Getting use to the terrain.


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