Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Seventh Week - 30th day training
Progressive Run
Drink: 600 ml Gatorade + 550 ml water
Distance: 15.5 km(http://tinyurl.com/d4prl
Intensity: 1/3 light 1/3 medium 1/3 hard
Calories Burned: 1100
Time started: 6:45 pm
Time ended: 8:17 pm
Duration: 1 hr 32 min (92 min)
Weather: Hot and light wind (25 degrees)

I really don't feel like jogging today :). The first 15 min felt like a torture. I started off slow but my HR was going up to 155. My plan was to keep it below 150. Then medium intensity will be around 150-155 and high intensity will be 155 +.

Mentally I have a few things in my mind. We had a debate last night with my friends about my Christian values, work ethics. Challenge after challenge was thrown at me. I think I did a pretty good job holding up on my own (thank God).

A few other factors were that I didn't have enough sleep the night before and today was a hot day. Afternoon it was 30 degrees. Rare when this is suppose to be fall.

Once I got down to Credit River, I felt better. The shades and the cool air really help me keep going. I stop two times this run just to give my knees some rest.

The high intensity run was a blast. I was pushing a pace further than I ever have done. I was able to keep at it. My HR went up to 173. I felt great. I was going so fast. When I stopped, I could feel my left calve in some pain. My feet were sore. I gotta take care of myself. Tonight definitely going to be an early night.