Tuesday, September 06, 2005

60 km Bike O' Fun
Seventh Week - 29th Day Training
Cross Train (Bike)
Drink: 650 ml water + 391 iced tea + 600 ml water
Calories Burned (base purely on weight and HR) = 2000
Intensity: Light to medium
Time started: 3 pm
Time ended: 7 pm
Duration: 4 hr (240 min)
Weather: Light wind and sunny (23 degrees)

Today I got a used CCM bike from Wayne. He had an old bike that he don't need. I thought I might as well grab it for him for 25 bucks. This is a good bike to beat around the neighbourhood. Like just going out for paths or go for errands.

I stayed over at Len's place last night and we picked up the bike in the afternoon. After cleaning up, the bike is fine. The front deraileur is a bit mess up. But it is rideable.

We started off at the top of the Don Valley Trail. I must admit it was great going on paths again. B/c it was an old bike, I don't care about damaging the rims or the frames. I feel like I am back in Junior High days.

We explored the whole trail and went all the way down to lakeshore trail. We found this great park that is on the side of the lake. It is very quiet and have a nice view of the city. Definitely a good place for a date (now I just have to find a girl haha).

I am quite surprise I have burned so much calories. In three days I have burned over 4000 calories :D. I had a pizza after the bike ride. I figure I might as well fuel up.

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