Saturday, September 03, 2005

Breaking the 30 km barrier

Sixth Week - 28th Day Training
Long Steady Run (more like long slow run)
Drink: 650 ml water + 650 ml Gatorade + 1200 ml water
Gel: 1 after 60 min, then 1 for every 40 min (Total 4 Gel)
Weight Before: 149 lb
Weight After: 148 lb
Distance: 30.49 km (
Calories Burned (base purely on weight and distance) = 2052.92
Intensity: Light to medium
Time started: 6:50 am
Time Ended: 11:10 am
Duration: 3 hr 20 min (200 min)
Weather: Light Wind and sunny (25 degrees)

I can't believe I have run over 30 km. The best part is that unlike last time where I was tired and negative. I felt great. As I saw Casa Loma, I was estatic. It doesn't look really like a castle. It was too small.

I got up late. Suppose to get up at 4:30 am. Instead my sis woke me at 5:30 am. I was suppose to go help out in the Chruch afterwards. Too late now.

I need to get a map :). I got lost two times. One time in the park by Steeles and Dufferin. I ask three grandmas for direction. I think they speak Polish. With some hand communications, I was kinda back on track. I thought I was on Steeles but I was on Bathurst. So I ran north to Steeles.

There were three runners in front of me on Steeles. It looks like they are training for the Toronto marathon also. Their pace is about the same as mine. I have to hold myself back from chasing them. This ain't a race. This is my training to build my base. tempting to go all out (I later glad that I didn't)

When I went pass Mel Lastman Square again, I need more water. I went to the library and got some water. I make sure this time I stay hydrated. I am sure I did. I drink almost to the point I feel bloated.

Today was a good day to run. It was chilly in the morning (17 degrees). But once I got running, it felt fine. I really enjoy the neighbourhood run before hitting Casa Loma. It was so calm.

My pace was nice and slow. I have to talk myself to slow down. I keep my HRM below 150. I keep on telling myself, "this run is for distance. Build up your base. Don't burn all your matches". But by the last 12-15 km or so, my HR most of the time is around 150-155. It probably has to do with the heat. The sun was up and beating down on me.

My right knee have some pain. My legs overall are fine. The feet are a bit sore. Probably that's b/c they have been pounding the pavement for so long. Today will be relax at home with Dad. Dad just had a liver biopsy so I am staying at home watching after him. Next week 32 km :).


I just realize my quads ain't as sore as before. Hmm..I believe they should be able to handle 30 km with ease. The pain is not at the knees. My right knee below the knee cap, there is some discomfort. During the run, there is some pain. But it is not too much. I guess the adrenaline from the run is at work :)


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Way to go!!!