Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indeed a Merry Christmas

...whenever I tell my story to others, my liver transplant, my cancer, my passion for triathlon, I often reminded of how blessed I am to be alive.

A few nights ago as I drove a friend back home, she asked me how I got into triathlon.

I am sure most of you will feel this way. I just open my mouth and doesn't stop.

Where do you start? Training plans, motivation, the struggles, the love for pain....

As I shared about the journey that led to me to doing an Ironman last year, it dawned ever to me how much I should cherish life.

Part of the conversation came to a point where my friend said, 'you will never have cancer again.'

To be honest, I do not know. It might come back. There people who had cancer re-occur.

With the topic of cancer leads to the topic of death.

I had cancer when I was 11. Technically I should be gone at the age of 12. I am 28 right now and I have been living 16 years more than I should have.

Let say tomorrow, my Maker calls me back. Should I ask Him to give me more years? Perhaps. He already gave me so much. More so than I needed.

....Indeed I am blessed and grateful to be alive. Let alone to be able to go crazy with going long.

n a short while I will be spending some time with my relatives. I wish everyone have a Merry Christmas.

On the training side...things are coming along. I swim 3 km on Monday. Woohooo. The body just wants chlorine. My mind is scared. For now, just ignore the mind and swim swim swim :D



Anonymous said...

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas, Cliff.

Spokane Al said...

I hope you had a terrific Christmas and experience many, many more!

Brent Buckner said...

Good thoughts.

Glad you had a Merry Christmas - best wishes for a wonderful 2009!