Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Picked this up from Chuckie V's blog:

I know the feeling well Jon. I cannot even begin to share with you the suffering I've endured over the years atop (and sometimes beneath) my bicycle. Cold; hot; sweat and sunscreen pouring into the eyes; road rash; crotch issues; sunburns; bee stings; angry motorists; potholes; mechanicals; crosswinds; headwinds; snowstorms; rainstorms; hail and the like. But by far the worst suffering is in the form of injury, when you're not able to ride.

Last Sat, I did a few hill repeats on my bike. It wasn't as crazy as Darren's hillacious ride:

Hockley Valley ski hill X2, Old Base Line, Forks of the Credit switchback, McLaren and Mississauga ski hill. 92k of leg smashing goodness

That's a lot of hills. And they are hills. I don't think I have gone to the Mississauga Ski Hill before.

My hill repeats were not as hilly as Darren's. It's nothing big. 4% grade for 1 km or so. I go up at 17 kph. Come down at 60 kph. Repeat five times.

I went to a golf course to get some water. The people there were friendly. But they stared at me as if I was from Mars. They were in their goft gears and me...well I am all spandexed up.

It started to rain as I finish my hill repeats. I figured it was time to go home. By the time I went home, the sun was out again.

You know you are a triathlete when you spent more time cleaning your bike than yourself. It took me at least 30 min to clear the guck out of the bike. It took me 15 min to clean myself.

I am at work right now and my mind is on my saddle. I am meeting up with Matt to ride. I met Matt in my first half Ironman (2006 Peterborough Half Ironman). We were biking beside each other and he asked me if I was Cliff from this blog. Lo and behold when we look at the pictures of the race, we were practically 'racing' with each other. He would have shots of me in T1 and I would have shots of him in the run.
He also did Ironman USA last year.

It turned out he worked next to my building. What a conincidence. So we decided to bike after work today. ....

Fun stuff...
Now gotta get the work done. And go on my saddle... :)


Unknown said...

Terrific picture, Cliff.

Enjoy the ride!

ShirleyPerly said...

Amazing coincidence! Great that you found a training partner about the same speed as you. Hope you had a good ride!!

Darren said...

I knew you'd like that ride Cliff.

So, are you in for Muskoka?? No speeding tickets this year, OK??

brendaj said...

Wow, what a fun way to meet a training partner! Close by and just your speed.