Friday, May 30, 2008

To train or not to train.

Since I have done my Ironman last year, a number of friends ask me if I am training this season.

Are you training anything for this year?
Are you still training?
What are you training for?

Being a triathlete, we swim, bike and run...all the time. There is nothing better than hopping on my bike and ride (be it with Darren and/or Aaron where I get my butt handed back to me...everytime!).

And I will spend the majority of the conversation explaining that I ain't really training training. I am just having fun. Then I go on with stories of running 2 hr or bike x hours until my friends' jaws dropped or shake their head. Well, most stop doing that because they already use to my fancy tales in spandex.

Lately, I have been messing up with my dates. Aaron proposed a half Ironman training (an hour swim, 3 hr bike, and 2 hr run) on June 1st. I thought it was on Sat (May 31st). So I have to bail. Sorry guys!!

Yesterday's riding was quite an experience. I was riding up a hill when I spotted a P2C Cerevelo. That's a pretty bike. The rider was an older gentleman and as I passed him, we exchange a quick conversation:

Cliff - "Nice bike"
P2C Rider - "Yeah, it's good day to ride. Where are you riding to?"
Cliff - "Just around"
P2C Rider - "Enjoy the ride"
Cliff - "You too"

I love conversation like these. It's short and sweet and we both know exactly the serenity of riding on a sunny day.

I passed him while climbing on the hill, I figured I better ride a bit harder to keep ahead. I just feel a bit silly to pass him on the climb and slow down where him pass me afterwards. If it is like that, I might as well not pass him on the hill at all. With him on my back, I pushed the bike a bit more. Hmm...latec acid in the legs :)...

On my bike's bento box, I put my cell phone and put a bike tube over it. As I was bombing down the flats, I hit a couple of bumps and something flew out of the bento box. I thought it was my cell phone. Good thing it was only my tube. I stopped my bike and walked back to pick it up. The P2C rider rode by..and say..'oh that sucks'...well it ain't that bad :)

As I rode home, i almost got into a car accident. I was riding toward a red. There were cars lining up. As I got out of my aerobars and prepared to slow down, there was an incoming truck making a left (in front of the red). Because of the row of cars, it didn't see me.

I pressed brake and my tire skidded. The driver saw me in time and pulled to a stop.

If he didn't stopped, I would smack right into the truck.

If it wasn't for the red light, I would stay in my aerobars. Then I wouldn't have time to get to my brake to stop my bike...

Praise the Lord, I am ok...

Note to self: Always be caution when riding around traffic.

Have a good weekend and keep it steady....


Anonymous said...

Attentiveness and caution are important! I'm glad nothing went horribly wrong, Cliff.

It is interesting how some people don't see training as its own reward!

ShirleyPerly said...

Unfortunately, it seems that near-accidents are quite common when out riding amongst traffic. Have to stay very alert. Sometimes I wish gas would go to $10/gal so maybe there'd be fewer and smaller cars on the road and probably more bicyclists around so people would become more aware of them.

jameson said...

be careful out there dude... and keep up the "training", it's the best part!

Rae said...

I'm so glad you weren't hit!! There so many terrible drivers out there...

Rachel said...

I'm glad you're okay! Biking can be treacherous. I feel like someone is watching over me sometimes. I realized my front skewer was loose after biking 62 miles on Saturday with some wicked descents!

I know what you mean about "what now" after Ironman. I'm going through the same thing. I'm not really "training." But I'm "experimenting." Yesterday I ran 9 miles with 1 group in the am. Ate, slept and then ran 10 more in the pm with another group. Because I felt like it. Weird.

brendaj said...

I'm glad you're okay. That sounds scary! Meeting people on the road is fun. One of my friends is someone that another biker friend met while out climbing a hill, then he introduced us and we're still friends years later.

Iron Eric said...

I love friendly riders.

I was out running yesterday and I passed a group of kids. One of the kids said "Whats up son?". That was pretty bizzare because I am old enough to be his father. Hmmm..

:) said...

Careful out there, buddy!