Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who I am...

"Woah, but Cliff is an Ironman" - a co-worker during a casual talk by the water cooler.

It happened earlier the week. At work, I don't talk about my training and triathlon. In fact, I would rather describe myself as a triathlete. [Triathlete are not as crazy as Ironmans :P]

I was a bit surprised at my co-worker remembered that I did an Ironman last year. What more surprising is that I don't think I told this co-worker I did an Ironman. Which means, someone from the office talked to him about it.

I work in the marketing field. My job is to go out and promote the benefits of a good or service. This often comes through branding. Unconsciously I am slowly branding myself by my lifestyle, the way I act and my actions.

People define us by our actions. This can be either positive or negative. And some (kids) will look at us as role models. And as I seen, there are role models that are bad influence. It is up to us, ME, to set a good role model. Be active, stay healthy and have fun.

This didn't mean to be a rant. It is just some thoughts I had tonight. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

I suspect we all are branding ourselves by the way we conduct our lives Cliff. Good thoughts. Thanks for the reminder.

Chris said...

Ahhh. I need to start doing more to be a better role model for the 'lil one.

ShirleyPerly said...

Interesting post about branding. Though such titles may sound good to us, to some they mean we are obsessive, compulsive, elitist, etc. When I got my black belt in karate, we were never allowed to wear the belt in public, brag about our achievement or show off our skills except in public exhibitions. The person who talks about their achievement a lot and tries to show off is not setting a good role model, IMHO.