Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bits of this and that.

Has anyone notice...Ironman World Championship is this weekend? What I am really interested is actually the Xterra Championship. Jameson will be racing and I will be cheering him on in my front of my comp.

If you look at my posting for the past few months, you notice I ain't doing much at all.

This week I started running 20-30 min or so after work. I also getting 8 hr of sleep everyday. I ain't training training. I just want to go and run. Tues was especially a bad day and I was venting while pounding my legs away. What can I say, running is great for the mind and the body.

I am catching up on my blogs and notice Gordo posted an alternative perspective article on how to run faster in an Ironman. Quite interesting. As most of us who train long distance, the focus is on the aerobic base first then on speed. The article talks about working on your VO2 max in the winter than work on your base afterwards..vice versa.

Today I had a three month review at my job. We discussed a number of issues that I faced and how I can be more effective. All areas of discussion I feel that I need to work on. At the same time, I am excited to see how the next few months are as there are a lot of opportunities in the company for me to grow. I also got a small raise. :)

And this Sat, I am heading to MEC to picked up some winter gear. I planned to ride my bike until it snows (who knows..maybe even during snow). I love shopping :)

To wrap it up..last Monday was Thanksgiving here...I was riding my bike and making a left turn. I was going pretty fast heading into the curb. CRAP! I thought there was no way I could slow down. Somehow I braked just in time and remained control.

As I continued riding, a guy in his mid 50s drove beside me and gave me a thumbs up. He must have saw the whole thing. I couldn't help but to smile and wave back. :)

That was a close one..that's for sure..

What can I is good! I haven't gone into the pool yet..but will do soon.


Anonymous said...

Cliff, have fun at Mountain Equipment -- and let us know what you bought!

jameson said...

thanks for the props... the Xterra World champs are on 10/28... this weekend is a fun tune-up race. Winter riding/running all about the right gear... make sure you do your research. congrats on the raise... big or small... more money is more money!!!

Brent Buckner said...

I miss MEC.

For more on the winter VO2max & LT training, google "reverse periodization". Here's why Rich Strauss likes it: link

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun and enjoying life!

Unknown said...

Going for a run because you just want to go for a run seems like a good reason to me!

brendaj said...

Sounds like the job and preparation for winter training are both going well!

Fe-lady said...

Happy Thanksgiving and be careful on that bike!

WAS going to Xterra...but pulled out. It's WAY hard! Best of luck to your friend! (Go Jameson!)

TriDaddy said...

Interesting article. My whole idea of taking off from Iron this year was to get fast at the short distance and work my way back up. Good to hear I had the right idea, but unfortunately I didn't get fast!!!