Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sharing my life with the kiddies

Last night, I shared my Ironman experience with my church's Junior High fellowship. It was a lot of fun.

I brought all my gears. My wetsuit, my race jersey, my bike (and a trainer). The kids loved it. Even before I started, they already asking me a lot of questions. How do you ride with the cleats? What if you fall? Will you be stuck to the bike and die? How do you pee? What do you eat?

To get the kids involved, I brought four gels and have them eat it. What I didn't expect was having them passing around and pouring it in each others' hands. What a mess :)

I shared about my liver transplant experience and how I raised money for cancer.
I shared about using triathlon as a way to minister to others.

I ain't much of a kids person. I would rather talk to adults and talk about motivation.

At the end of the night, the kids came over and take turns going on my bike. It was a blast to see them trying to spin as fast as they can. My bike is pretty big and most kids can barely reach the pedal.

There was one kid that was sitting by himself. I asked him if he want to go on my bike. I helped him got on. I told him about the aerobars and my computer. He just loved it. Spinning the pedals....through and through.

Afterwards, one of the helpers told me that that kid is autistic. Sometimes he will create a distraction in the fellowship. Last night, he was very attentive.

He was pretty quiet and didn't seem to have a lot of friends. He seemed normal to me. I got a feeling he probably get tease a lot at school. We all know how cruel kids can be. I have been in both side of bullying. So I know how it felt...

I hope he can remember the joy as he challenge himself to try and climb on my bike. The world can be a lonely place...and once in a while we all need encouragement one form or the other...

Hmm...this is what I love about this is good.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!!

Spokane Al said...

You are absolutely right on target with your comment about every now and then each of us needing encouragement - you made my day.

I hope you told the kids that when you fall over on your bike you won't actually die - you will just feel like it.

Brent Buckner said...

Well done.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

What a great evening. The questions you got were so funny. Get stuck to the bike and die? LOL!!

brendaj said...

When I was the age of those kids, I had absolutely no idea what a triathlon was. I'm sure you inspired many of them.

Robin said...

How do you pee?

You mean on the bike?

Lemme at 'em.

Sixteen Chickens said...

Sharing the sport and yourself, now that is a true gift.