Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Friday..non-sense Friday
I am still recovering from my knee. I didn't even touch my bike this whole week. It is crazy. I can't wait till the weekend though. Sat and Sun is sunny and hot! I got something fun and 'creative' ways to train tomorrow :0)
I figure I post some non-sense is Friday afterall.

- I had a conversation with a friend and I was telling her the type of girl I look for in a relationship. She has to love my bike. In fact, I don't mind if she loves me for my bike.

Wolf in sheep's clothing :) Would be quite hilarious (and hot) if I wore that in a race :D

Lastly, I just bounced off an email to all my friends.....

Hey all,Here is my racing schedule for this summer:

June 17 - Long Course Muskoka
July 22nd - Ironman USAWhere do I begin?

The idea
of Ironman started in 2005 the night before my first triathlon.
Somehow I convinced myself that I can do it. I selected Ironman
Lake Placid because elevation wise, it is the toughest Ironman out
there. If you look at the bike course elevation I have included...yeah, the
one that looks like a heart attack, that's the one I will be riding on July

A lot of times I was asked, why am I 'suffering' for so
long....I asked myself the same question. Last Sat, I went for
a long ride up to Orangeville and back. I love it. I love
Hockley Valley, the rolling hills, the trees swaying along the road. I
love being on the open road and the way the cows look up at you from grazing as
you passed by. Feels like home...

I was running down Credit Valley trail last week and was in awe at the scenery. The wild flowers just blossomed and the surrounding was dotted with them in white and
purple.. Birds were chirping. The sound of running water from the
river. I love for a moment I can forget about the stresses in life. The
priorities, the responsibilities. I do not have to worry about the next
appointment or the schedule. Am I investing enough for [insert
car/marraige/house/wedding]? Is my career going ok? I can just be
I would like to say thank you for all your support, prayers
and encouragement. A little question 'how's your training' goes a long
way. I hope in return I can offer the same type of encouragement.

In about a month, two years of training will be tested in 17 hours
( we have 17 hours to finish the course). There will be times on the
course when I want to quit and I don't want to go on. When that moment
comes, I will remember each and everyone of you... :)

I am also raising money for the Pediatric Oncology Group of
Ontario (POGO). So don't be surprise in the near future if I ask u in
person for donation (Julian, I am will make sure I have donation forms
:D). If you want to contribute online, please go to and look for my
name. Note: The site say each athlete is require to raise $2,500. I
am excluded from that requirement.


That's about it from my end. This week I have done nothing. My legs are itching to go out. Sat will be a good training and Sun will be Muskoka Long Course. I am doing treating it as a training for Ironman, not a race. This means I will be biking and running in Ironman pace. Nice and steady. Oh Father's Day coming up too.....


Rae said...

Good luck this weekend! You're going to do GREAT!

Darren said...

I'll give you a buck to wear that outfit.
Cheers Cliff!

Brent Buckner said...

Muskoka - nice setting for a long training day!

Mike said...

Cliff wear that during the run at Muskoka..perfect heat training for Placid! ;-)

Seriously- have a great race tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a great 'training race' - make sure to have fun, just like you do out on lost long bike rides!!

brendaj said...

You probably want something recognizable but not so hot! I was advising my friend to wear bright might not want to though.

Dances with Corgis said...

Cute pic :)

I love your email to friends btw :) Your passion is contageous!

Emily said...

you look HAWT! hahhahaha