Thursday, June 14, 2007

Balance shmalance.

Everyone these days talk about balance. Balance between your work and family life. Balance between your training and work.

Even I find myself talking the need to balance my life.

Last season, my life was all over the place. I tried to do too much. I was on the verge of burn out. This season, I changed my approach.

How do I balance between quitting my job in Feb, went to Hong Kong for a month, finding a new job, while dealing with grandma's funeral, fellowship, and training? At the same time I have to maintain my relationship with friends and family?

When we train, we know that life goes on regardless. I didn't put down my situation to boost how I dealt with it.

Lately I am trying to get away from not thinking about balancing my life. Rather I am seeking harmony.

I seek harmony between my training and my life.
I seek harmony between spending solo on the bike/run with family/friends relationship.

Most of us balance our lives b/c we feel stress out. I don't think balance is the answer. My life will never be balance. I can't possibly have a 'normal' life if I am out training 18 hrs a week(normal is a matter of perspective. I consider training as normal b/c I am a triathlete).

When I try to balance my life, I try to add up my hours. 5 hrs on the bike, spent 3 hrs with family etc. I rush to get things done. I fly from one thing to the next. As a result, I get edgy when things don't get done or my schedule is disrupted b/c a friend showed up late.

I have to make to this place by 7 pm. I have to get this done in 20 minutes. I need to move now.

When I seek harmony, time becomes more than just one dimension. I am more relax. The friend is coming late. No problem. I get up late in the morning b/c my body needs the rest. Then I go and slowly get ready for my long bike ride. I give myself ample time for those hiccups in life (and they often come).

I am still tweaking this as I am living. And life will continue to throw curve balls.

Knee is 90% better. I spent a lot of time hitting the pool and the hot tub. Interesting...yesterday morning I swim and I felt like crap. After work, I hit the pool again, my arms were tired but I felt great. For 15 min, I had a lane all to myself. Hmm..that was good....I was in the zone.


Jeremy said...

Cliff, great post. I think of balance and harmony as interchangeable goals rather than being mutually exclusive. Your perspectives are very interesting though given your examples. Whatever you search for I am confident you'll find it.

Hope that knee of yours gets to 100% for this weekend! Best of luck.

Dances with Corgis said...

Interesting thoughts, Cliff. I know my balance is out of whack when I get irratible at those who want to see me/hang out/etc. If someone's asking me to a movie or a nice dinner, and I am ANNOYED by the prospect because it's getting in way of training, I realize I have to let go a little bit and go more with the flow.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Glad to hear your knees are feeling better!

Lesson Learned I guess. I like the way you think:0) Very interesting...

Wrenched Photography said...

Balance is important, espically for deaf people like me.

Oh that type of balance...ummm do what you think is right

TriShannon said...

Great post. I too struggle with keeping the balance and/or harmony of life.

"Normal is a matter of perspective. I consider training as normal b/c I am a triathlete"

Couldn't agree more!

Glad to hear the knee is getting better!

Bolder said...

great post cliff!

E-Speed said...

interesting take on it! I assume your harmony includes lots of beer? ;)

Phil said...

Cliff - that's an interesting look at things. Maybe you could take up a career as a life-coach. In my own life, I spend a lot of time feeling guilty because, I'm trying to balance: if I spend a lot of time training I feel guilty for not spending it with my kids / if I spend a lot of time with family and friends, I feel guilty for missing that long run. Harmony. I should look into that.