Monday, April 30, 2007

The 400th post!!

Keeping this post short and simple. Let's start off with some numbers. Last week's workouts as follow:

Apr 23 - 29

Mon - Workout 45'
Tues - Bike 65', Swim 55'
Wed - Run 90'
Thurs - Bike 65', Swim 105'
Fri - Run 45'
Sat - Long Bike 270' (4.5 hr)
Sun - Long Run 150' (2.5 hr), Easy Bike 60'

Total = 15 hr 50 min
Actual Aerobic Time = 15 hr 05 min

Not too bad. For once, I got to bed early on Fri (9:30 pm) and Sat (10:00 pm). As a result, I got up really early on Sat (5:30 am) and Sun (4:30 am).

Not much to report. Nutrition is working well with me. I need to add another swim session. Two swims a week are not enough.

Yesterday, I did my long run before church. After church, did a social ride. Dave, is a brave man. He owned a mountain bike and joined me and two other roadies.

Today is my rest day. My legs are pretty toasty. Jen, from church, asked me to go for a quick ride. How can I say no? So I did a quickie with her (get your mind out of the gutter..she is married and u know all i think about is my bike :D).

A number of people have been telling me how they wish they are not working and staying home like me. I did not notice a day where I sit back at home and did nothing. Last week, I had 4 interviews and spent a lot of time sending resumes and following up. Last Wed, I met up with a business owner through Church. She saw my resume and gave me suggestions on my career. She needed help to fix the company's website. I am going to meet with her this Friday to see what I can do.

I revised my resume (shout out to TriDaddy for looking over it) and spent the day at the library researching all the companies in Mississauga. My goal is to target all the small and med size companies and sell them my strength in business and IT.

My plan is not to spam every company. First, pick those that I have an interest in. Then I will broaden my search.

I do not know if this will work. Will I get replies? Or nothing? There is only one way to find out :)


Mike said...

Cliff- those are some solid hours, keep it rolling!
Also- read your last post about the long ride. A nice solitary gravel road- dude that sounds perfect! Just you spinning circles without any cars, etc. Ok..maybe a little less gravel and rain for it to be "perfect" but good on ya for getting in a long one!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Shucks! I saw "0 comments" but as soon as I headed over, Mike beat me to it. :(

Congrats on 400th post! Keep 'em coming! 15 hr training time a week is pretty big - that's twice of what I am doing, but seeing as how I am doing only an Oly, probably just about right huh?

I am sure the Lord has a rewarding job tucked away for you. Go with your heart and enjoy the break He is giving you.

Born To Endure said...

Good work Cliff...and yes..spam all those nasty companies would ya..:-))

Wrenched Photography said...

400? Wahooo! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Go Cliff! Have another great week!

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

Nice workouts, Cliff! And goodluck with job search...I'll keep that in my prayers. Thanks also for your prayers for my little boy.

TRI Vortex said...

Good luck on the Spamming. Its worked out for me. I don't consider it bugging, more of persistant whining.

Anonymous said...

400! Way to go!

Dances with Corgis said...

Dave IS brave for heading out on a mountain bike with some roadies. Kudos to him.

YAY 400th post! :)

Robin said...

400 wow!

Ask for some infomrational interviews when you contact them.

You get in the door.

Good luck.