Saturday, April 28, 2007

Post - Long Ride Reflection

Today I rode 4-1/2 hr. I was planning for 6 hr but my Pastor needed help so I decided to cut it. Then later did I found out he didn't need my help at all.

That's ok. By the third hour, my legs were toasting. The coach suggested a 4-1/2 hr ride. Tomorrow I got a 2 -/2 hr run. So I figure I just follow the plan.

I always thought I reflect on a long ride. After all, you are on the road for hours. In reality when I ride to train, I don't reflect at all. My brain is in training mode. This means focus on cadence, form, heart rate, nutrition, repeating body check up (when was the last time I pee, when was the last time I ate, how much did I drink, how my legs are feeling etc.). Must be some sort of limited brain capacity :). I guess I enjoy the post-long ride reflection ;).

What I am going to say might or might not make sense. I just want to jot this down before I lose the thought.

Part of the route I rode was not pave at all. It was gravel. It sucks. I felt like I was riding cyclocross.

I was thinking maybe I could have taken another route. The route was badly maintain. Why can't that route be all pave?

What if this is the route I was meant to ride on. There is no other choice. It might suck for a bit. But that's ok.

I will get through the mud and the sand. I will get through the potholes.
I will get through it.

I wish the weather was more forgiving. Today I was riding in 9*C - 12 *C (48*F - 53*F) with a slight drizzle. First two hours my toes were numb. I was thinking of bailing the ride in the first 30 min. I did dress warmly (smart move) :).

I never saw a rider out there. I did saw a runner and I waved at her (misery loves company). The weather didn't bothered me too much. Or maybe I have other life things I am thinking about...the weather I just accepted it and move on.

And moving on...part of the mind would makes up a lot of reasons for reminescing the past. It can be scary b/c it can lead me to not accept reality. I don't like getting hurt just like anyone else (right, this is coming from a guy who ride 4+ hours :D). But sooner or later, a part kicks in and say, 'Cliff, you gotta move on.'

Accepting and moving that's where I am in my life. I had my up and my down moments. The peaks and the valleys. End of one chapter and the beginning of the next. I will guarantee one thing. I will never stop and always be spinning.

Tonight, sleep early, rest well. Tomorrow 2-1/2 hr run before church....


Bullet said...

4.5 hours! Unpaved roads?!! Good job in staying the course and finishing.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Good job on the ride! I'm sure the gravel part made up for cutting the ride a little short.

momo said...

i can completely relate to your statement about not being able to reflect on the bike. maybe its because there is so much going on and it all requires so much concentration?

its the opposite when i run, sometimes, all of a sudden, i will realize i've been thinking of this or that, but my feet have continued on toward my destination. almost as if i've been sleep walking.

Hilda said...

Great you can concentrate so well it should be part of the success at the end.

Can't imagine how you feel after that, it is hard on the back!

Lovely place to train, wonder if being in such a lonely place is safe and if even knowing it I could be brave enough to be there...

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, sounds like a tough ride! You'll do well when everyone else is having a really hard time. You've trained for it.

TRI Vortex said...

The road less traveled is often the one that leads to the most rewards.