Monday, March 05, 2007

Training Summary and Half Chili Marathon

It had been two weeks since I posted my summary.
Let start off with some numbers.

Feb 19th - 25th (recovery week)
Mon - rest
Tues - Bike 40', Swim 50'
Wed - Run 30'
Thurs - Bike 40', Swim Bailed
Fri - Run 30'
Sat - Bike 60'
Sun - Run bailed

Total time = 250', 4 hr and change

Feb 26th - March 4th
Mon - rest
Tues - Bike 60', Swim 70'
Wed - Run 40'
Thurs - Bike 52', Swim Bailed
Fri - Run Bailed, Swim 25' (to make up for thrus)
Sat - Bike 180' (planned to do a 4 hr bike ride)
Sun - Run 135' (Half Chili Marathon)

Total time = 562', 9 hours and change


Life gets in the way and my swim suffered. Last Sat when I did the 3 hr bike ride, I was feeling negative. Infinit wasn't working with me. Even in Zone 1, my stomach is nauseous. By two hour and a half, I had enough. I took my coach advice and alternate between solid food (Clif bar) for an hour and Infinit for another. Solid food works fine for me. In fact, I got quite hungry when I start eating.

Instead of going for 4 hours as I planned, I bailed and did 3 hr as my coach scheduled.

On Sun I did the Half Chili Marathon with Anners. She actually paid for me. In return, I pace her. I am glad I went.

Just changes in my life and my head hadn't been focus on training. This season, my long run never last more than 2 hours. My coach schedule me to do 1 hr 40 min max. So I guess I am being 'lazy' by following my coach's plan. Last seasons, my long run stretches to 2 hr 30 min.

Before the race, I stood there rembering....

I remember my cousin and my aunt coming to watch me do Toronto tri.

I remember meeting Darren for the first time and him showing me around Orangeville (hilly).

I remember running and cycling further than I ever dream of.

I remember my friends seeing me finish at The Canadian Half Ironman.

I remember the pre-race jitters.

.....ok i am done now. I am going to go train. This Sat night I am flying back to Hong Kong. Before then I want to put in a few more hours of training.


Thomas said...

Enjoy Hong Kong!

Born To Endure said...

Hong kong?? Wow are you ever lucky!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Cliff, I hope your trip is all you could wish for, and that the farewell to your grandmother brings her friends and family peace.

Unknown said...

Keep us updated on your journey. This seems like the perfect time to visit family and friends.

Bolder said...

great training!

safe travels!!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Good training, good half, good memories, good pics.... and have a good trip! How lucky!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the memories before your half mary last weekend...and good job with that.

Have fun in Hong Kong!

Donald said...

Awesome pics, Cliff. Enjoy your trip!

Tri-Dummy said...

Very cool of you to pace your friend. Read the race story and it appears you pushed the pace, which led to a pretty good HM time.

Have a great trip.

Crash said...

Sweet pics - enjoy the trip.

ShirleyPerly said...


Hope you have a good time in H.K. I sent you an email with my list of minimal things I bring in order to train while on travel, along with some tips.


anners said...

you ran for 135 min on sunday? i believe that i only ran for 129
thanks again for pushing me through the race :)
have a great trip.

E-Speed said...

Have a great time in Hong Kong!

elaine s said...

you're too kind cliff. I remember not seeing you at the finish line because Linda and I were stuck in downtown traffic!