Thursday, March 08, 2007

Houston, we have a problem.

On Wed I ran for 42 min. It went like this:

Warm up : 15 min
1:00 @ Easy Pace or Zone 1 HR
2:00 @ Endurance Pace or Zone 1-2
3:00 @ Tempo Pace or Zone 2-3
4:00 @ Threshold Pace or Zone 4
3:00 @ Tempo Pace or Zone 2-3
2:00 @ Endurance Pace or Zone 1-2
1:00 @ Easy Pace or Zone 1 HR
Cool Down: 10 min

It was good. I feel really good. It is always good to run Threshold pace. A few hours later I started to notice a pain on my left foot that I never experience before.

It only hurts when I stand up. I do my best to not put pressure on it. This means hobbling around for a bit. I have been massaging it for a while and going to ice it after this post. Maybe when I ran fast, my stance is off.

Today I am suppose to do a bike ride. Bailed on that. A swim is also schedule for today. I am going to do it tomorrow. The reason is I am going to meet up with Darren at his pool. Going to give me a few more pointers to swim before I head to Hong Kong.

I have an addiction I have to admit. Lately, I have found a I love fresh coffee. Not just for the caffiene. But the taste. Instead of using sugar, I use honey. Instead of milk I use soy milk. So good. I think and dream about it every day and night.

I love the good.


ShirleyPerly said...

Did you do this last workout on a track? I've had problems with my left hip and left foot because of running hard in the CCW direction only. Now I'll only do speedwork outside of a track.

Hope it's nothing serious!

E-Speed said...

Hope the foot heals fast!

Now you made me crave coffee!

Habeela said...

That foot injury sounds a little scary. But that coffee sounds very tasty!

Unknown said...

New Shoes? Too much arch support? Or maybe not enough?

You might be spending too much time on the outside of your foot.

Motion control shoes can do that if you don't need the extra support. Supination.

Brent Buckner said...

Great. Now I have to go get a coffee. And it'll cost me more, because on Friday my local shop brews Jamaican Blue Mountain, and I can't pass that up and go for my regular.

Hey, you're an evocative writer!

Sixteen Chickens said...

Oh no! Not a running injury! Oh I feel your pain. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Do whatever you have to do to make it better so it gets better.

Jeremy said... I can not fathom how I functioned without it before I started drinking it regularly!

Unknown said...

I love coffee too, which is why I gave it up for lent. I still love the smell of it in the morning. I am not quite sure what will happen when my coffee fast ends, but it was definately a sacrifice.

Hope you foot gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Cliff, I share your coffee addiction, although I put skim milk in mine. I love the smell when I grind the beans in the morning and then the coffee starts to brew. Mmmm.

Robin said...

I offered this to Boulder when he wrote his java post. Now with yours I will do the same. Email me back door your address and I will send you a nice pound of great coffee from our local city cafe. Yum yum. Waiting for you when you get back from Asia. Wow. :-)

Hope foot heals fast!

Dances with Corgis said...

Ahh, Cliff! Get better fast!

I'll have to try your honey in the coffee trick, that sounds pretty good. :)

JC said...

As the girl who has now managed to injure every.inch.of.her.body, I'd recommend doing some investigating. First, it could be a beginning of plantar fasciitis. Go grab a tennis ball or a can of veggies from the kitchen, throw a towel over it, and roll over it while putting some weight on your foot. This is one of those things that "hurts so good" in that it hurts but its good for you. Secondly... check out your soleus muscle and see if that is tight too. If it is, it is pulling back on your foot, which eventually flattens your arches and contributes to an overall lack of flexibility and therefore shock absorbtion in your body. Lastly, get the shoes checked by someone who can do a gait analysis on your run. Like William said, you may need different shoes. I agree with may be a as-yet-unknown supinator and the tougher workouts just exaggerate it.

As someone who just came out of months and months of PT for ignoring signs and running through it (like I think alot of triathletes tend to do), don't run through it. Check it out and do some digging first, ok?

Good luck buddy. And I am drinking fresh hot coffee just for you. WAHOO!

The Stretch Doc said...

Coffee and honey, humm.. I gotta try that, thanks!

Have a great trip and hope your foot is feeling better.