Sunday, November 05, 2006

You are an Ironman...(or almost).

Just checking up on our tri-bloggers..

Nancy Toby - Just one more lap to go and you will be an Ironman (more like IronMon)
Bolder In Boulder - smoked it in 11 hr 53 min...way to go. Are you sure this is your first one??
Ironm4n (Shelley) - 13 hr 52. You killed the bike course with those nice rims.
TriDaddy - 13 hr 56 min...good stuff
TriGeekKhuna - 13 hr 57...are you stalking Tridaddy??
Ellie - Finish her first run lap and got one more to go!
Commodore - 14 hr 40 min. I sure hope Might Mo is there running in the finishing line with you.
TriBoomer - 14 hr 36 min...well done, my cancer fighting friend.
ShirleyPerly - didn't saw the bike time, I hope you are ok.


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I just saw Ellie come in, with the world's greatest smile on her face!

Habeela said...

All accounted for except Nancy. I'm dying to know what happened! I thought I saw her finish just before the 17 hour cutoff but her times are still incomplete. The suspense is killing me!

Rae said...

I was looking at your list and clicked over to watch some Ironman Live and saw Comm Man finish! How awesome!!!! I love technology!!!

Mike said...

Thanks for the updates Cliff, I was checking out Ironmanlive as well...