Monday, November 13, 2006

A Celebrity Sighting, a rant and Remembrance Day

Last Fri night, I have an opportunity to meet up with a recent Ironman. Bold returned to his home country (the land of beavers and Tim Hortons) for his sis' wedding. I met up with him for dinner.

In true fashion, he wore the newly acquired Ironman Finisher shirt with pride. Also in true fashion, when triathletes meet, all we talk about is nothing but training, nutrition, gears, mentality. I asked a lot of questions.

I am very fascinated with his race result. His pacing and nutrition was dead on. He did not hit the wall on mile 20 in the run. We all know that's where the real race begins. Where you have to dig deep.

What I most impress about Bold is that he is the same person in real life and on his blog. After dinner, we walked around Toronto for a while. Talked more about life, career and more training.

It was great to meet another triathlete with the love to just go and have fun. I am sure I will bump into him in a race in the future.


Now here comes a rant. In Canada, November 11 is Remembrance Day. It is the day we remember those who give up their lives to fight for freedom. Our veterans. To honor them, we were a red poppy.

I was listening to a chinese radio last week and the host was stating that we shouldn't be wearing a red poppy at all since it has nothing to do with being Chinese.

I didn't give much thought about it until over the weekend.

i) We live in Canada and should respect this country's culture and tradition. Yes, we have free rights to say whatever want.
ii) Canada sent 2000 troops to defend Hong Kong when Japan invaded in World War II. Even Britain at that time felt the colony was a lost cause. Outnumber and out gun, the Canadian lost. They fought valiantly, never the less, fighting for a colony they don't even know.

iii) During World War II, China was too busy fighting among themselves than against Japan. The two parties involve, the Communists and the Kuomintang, saw each other as bigger threat than Japan.

iv) We live in a global community. I find it odd how we still have people think in such narrow terms.

v) Remembrance Day is to remember the veterans. That's what that day is for. I wonder how the host will react if someone call them up and say that they shouldn't celebrate Chinese New Year b/c he lives in Canada. To discuss this topic during this time is not appropirate. I got a feeling the host just use this topic as a way to raise controversy and bring ratings up.

....I need to find the radio show website and send an email...

On a side note, I was at the pool during Remembrance day. A grandpa was swimming in my lane and noticed I got a big scar on my stomach. I told him I had a liver transplant a long time ago. How I came from Hong Kong. If my family didn't migrated here and with free health care, I wouldn't be here.

He told me 'son, you are very lucky'. Indeed. I swim the rest of the day thinking about that.


Trisaratops said...

Well said, Cliff. Well said.

D said...

That's what I love about meeting fellow athletes - we never tire of hearing or speaking of our sports. Cool that you met the Bold man.

Very well written - your words on veterans and being a global community.

William said...

Yup you are right. I think the radio stn is just looking for controversey too. So many blow hards on the radio.

Mercedes Cliff.

Tri-Dummy said...

Different people. Different perspectives. I like yours better. Attitude is everything, brother.

Pixie said...

Wonderfully stated, Cliff. You are exactly right, we need to honor veterans every where. What a sacrifice that is to defend the freedom of one's country.


Rae said...

RBF meetups are the best.

We just had our veterans day last week. At the parade an older veteran in uniform thanked B & I for coming out!! How nice, since we were there for him.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a little patriotism these days! :) And thanks for all the great tips about LSD!

Anonymous said...

I just met Bolder a couple weeks ago and you are right - he is a terrific person. and I loved his IMFL story - I was actually late getting my kids from school trying to finish it. Heck, I was THERE, so I already knew how it ended, but I still kept reading... ;-)

Comm's said...

The grandpa's response is sort of the Tom Hanks, "Earn This" quote from Saving Private Ryan.

Trifrog said...

It is true that most of what's on the radio passing for intellectual philosophy is just hot air for ratings.

I think we can do both - celebrate our cultural heritage if we come from somewhere other than where we're living now - celebrate the traditions of our country when it's appropriate or means something to the individual to do so.

Free health-care, does that mean that doctors don't get exorbitant amounts for 5min of consultation or simply that the government pays the fees?

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

You are lucky, Cliff, but you are making the most of the gift given to you. That's what is awesome.

Zoo said...

You're right in more ways than one. As much as I agree that we have to protect ourselves from thew few who makes this world violent I see no purpose to war and violence...we only have one life (at least how I see it), I'd rather not spend it killing others or being afraid that I may be killed one day myself.

And you're are very lucky, heck, if you were in the good 'ol US of A you probably wouldn't be here either since 1. medical insurance is expensive as it is (especially if you're sick) 2. the chances of you getting a transplant here is slim to none unless you're seconds away from dying and no one else in the area is in the same situation as yourself. I of all people know it's hard to be thankful for the life you have and the chances you've been given but I think if you care enough to reflect on it from time to time and enjoy your life to the greatest extent, then you're doing your job here on Earth, everything else (work for example) are just the hurdles that one has to jump to get to where you need to be.

Tammy said...

Ok, you have to be the FIRST EVER to say Bold is just like his blog ;) Glad you two had a nice time.