Friday, November 17, 2006


Comments from Zoo regarding my last post:
..if you were in the good 'ol US of A you probably wouldn't be here either since 1. medical insurance is expensive as it is (especially if you're sick) 2. the chances of you getting a transplant here is slim to none unless you're seconds away from dying and no one else in the area is in the same situation as yourself. I of all people know it's hard to be thankful for the life you have and the chances you've been given but I think if you care enough to reflect on it from time to time and enjoy your life to the greatest extent, then you're doing your job here on Earth, everything else (work for example) are just the hurdles that one has to jump to get to where you need to be.

Zoo, thanks for the reminder. If my parents decided to move to the States instead, you are right, I would be six feet underground by now. Cost for the operation is $ 250,000 US. This does not include the medication afterwards (6 month supply is about $1000).

I was was praying with a mother in my Church on Wed night. Her son, 24, is having open heart surgery next week. When she started to share, my heart just sank. It felt empty. That's as close as I can describe it.

I envisioned my parents' reaction when they heard I had cancer. Or when I was in surgery. and seeing me in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) attached to a lot of tubes and machines.

Her son is actually healthy and very active. However, he got a condition where if his heart rate is high, his heart cannot bring it down. The surgery is to cut one of the nerves to fix that problem. I do what I can to reassure her that he is in a great hospital and good surgeons. Also the fact that he is alive and well is a good sign he will have no complications.

Even though I don't know this person, I felt a strong desire to make sure he is ok. Maybe b/c of my past. I know if I have a liver transplant right now I would be scared.

I reflected the past season and the encouragement I received. There were a lot of dark moments when a few words like 'Good job' or 'I will support you' transform darkness into light.

I planned on visiting him after the operation to make sure he is ok. I do hope I can give the same encouragement as I have received. He will be in my prayers.

Have a great weekend everyone....


Anonymous said...

I will pray for him, too.

Anonymous said...

Cliff, I will keep him in my prayers as well. Its hard not to feel touched by someone elses grief and fear over the well-being of a loved one. That empathy is what reminds us how much we value our own lives and the lives of those of us out there who would pray for us in return. The good thing is that prayers aren't limited-- there are so many out there that need them.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Support - it's such a little thing that makes such a huge difference, yes?

Susan said...

He will be in my thoughs as well.

Bonbon said...

Let me know, and I'll try to go visit him too...

Mike said...

You are good man Cliff- definitely a great reminder for all of us to realize how truly blessed we are to have our health.
I'll keep him in my prayers too.

Zoo said...

You wouldn't be yourself if you didn't try to help him out...stuff like this is what makes you stand out from everyone else. Keep up the good work! Let him know that the blogger community will keep him in our thoughts.

Rachel said...

It's so true when they say health is everything. It's amazing our bodies function as well as they do.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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