Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weekly Summary (Aug 6 - 12) Swim Focus

The good
- swim a lot, almost hit 10 km (9.65 km), worked out the left stroke
- a long run that last more than 2 hour (it was only 20 min more but I haven't done one for a long time)

The bad
- traffic jam, lack of sleep + stress from Church activities made me bail out exercise on thurs
- volume is a lot less but felt just as hard (possibily cumulated from last week's run focus)
- biked too hard with Darren on Aug 5th and by myself on 6th

This week is bike focus. All my energy is focus on preparation for the training and resting. Yesterday after coming from the pool at night, I ate my dinner and prep my lunch at the same time. Did my devotions. Then hit the sack at 9:30 pm. A family's friend dropped by to drop off a wedding invitation. I did what a normal tri person would do. I wore ear plugs.

I still need more rest. Legs are still heavy. Tomorrow is one of my long rides (YAY).

Sleep and stress free mind are crucial. I am not thinking about any decision until next week. A sister from the church asked me about doing something for a brother, I told her to ask me next week. Any obligation that I need to do? Wait until next week. Keep the mind free from any distractions....

Hill Run - 30'

Swim - 45' (4 X 500 m pull/free)
Stretch - 10'
Weights - 45'
Stretch - 20'

Long Run - 140'
Stretch - 5'
Swim - 45' (3 X 500 m free/pull/free)
Stretch - 10'
Swim - 45' (3 X 500 m free/pull/free)
Stretch - 10'


Bike Trainer - 46'
Stretch - 15'
Swim - 45' (4 X 500m pull/free)
Stretch - 10'

Long Bike - 140'
Stretch - 5'

Recovery Ride - 40'
Stretch - 5'
Swim - 80' (4 X 500m pull/free + 250 paddle)
Stretch - 10'
Recovery Run - 30' - 15' run + 20' stride
Stretch - 10'

Run total = 200' (3.33 hours)
Bike total = 226' (3.77 hours)
Swim total = 260' (4.33 hours)
Weight = 45' (0.75 hours)
Stretch = 100' (1.67 hours)

Total hours = 13.85 hours
Total aerobic hours (less stretch + weight) = 11.43 hours


Fe-lady said...

Wow you are really putting in some training hours! I am jealous!
Happy training!

Trisaratops said...

Great volume!

Hee hee...we won't tell about the ear plugs. :)

Anonymous said...

thought you said you were focusing on biking this week? You only have 2 days of biking in there.

Iron Pol said...

Those are some serious hours. On my heaviest weeks I'm only doing maybe 12.

Keep up the good work. I know how stressful it can get, work, church, family, and the rest of life. I was happy just to get the yard mowed, yesterday.

Have a good week on the bike.

Rae said...

Great job with the workouts and staying so focused!!!

Steven said...

Very nice, Cliff.
You are getting in some real good volume at this point.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good to see you continuing in your very disciplined approach. More than I can say for myself, I'm afraid. :(

I wear ear plugs too. Have to be careful with those though - I picked up an ear infection a few weeks ago and had to go on antibiotics for 2 weeks!