Thursday, June 29, 2006

When taper starts, life gets in the way.

- need to update my resume. There is a lot more that I do than I realize.
- contact HH. I have 2-3 head hunters inquire about my resume and job positions. I have 20 emails in my hotmail with job positions.
- need to clean room. Past week focus on training, my room is a mess. Ok, more messy than before (if that's even possible).
- this weekend, heading to Church conference. Packing all my race gears. :)
- yesterday I got some fake teeth back :). Temproary for now. Got a little denture for a fake front tooth. Note to self: Smile for races.. :D
- saw an uncle I haven't seen in years yesterday. It was a great moment. I ain't that close to him but we (me, my cousin and him) sat for an hour yap about life. Amazing how he is 40 years older than me, I know exactly how he feels. Bonding indeed.
- want to do some house cleaning while tapering. Will see what I can do (computer room also a mess)
- Fellowship camping is coming up. Need to coordinate.

Other than that...not too much going on. From now till next Sun (1/2 Peterborough), I am going to just take it nice and easy. Swim/bike/run in much reduced volume. A few times will be in race pace.

As for last post..I do think I need a coach to see how I run. I am more concern about injury from running too much. Of course, with a coach, I hope I can improve my form as well.

Will post a last week training summary wrap up. But I left my training journal at home.


Rachel said...

It's amazing how much life can suck the energy right out of you during a taper. I like doing something like going for a walk or doing Yoga but I know how hectic it can get. I bet you love the new teeth (speaking from someone who has 3 front dental implants). Listen to your gut about overdoing it with the running. Your body will let you know if you're doing too much.

Pat said...

Hey Cliff,

How is that injury healing up??

And it sounds like you're in serious demand. Get that job so we celebrate with some beers (fom Geoff's post). I'm sure we can make it part of your triathalon diet.

But I hear you about life getting in the way. So many things I want to start and continue, so many distractions getting in my way.

Fe-lady said...

Your taper sounds very busy!
Good luck with it and your race!

Sarah Lukas said...

I love your list that you had going. You have so much positive in your life, I love it. Take er easy, and like rachel said, listen to your body- it'll tell ya if it's too much. (That was perfect advice she gave)

Mike said...

Hey Cliff,
Make sure you don't let "life" get in the way of your taper. Sometimes you are so used to spending time working out that you replace that during taper with all your "to-do's" and end up fatigued at the end of taper. Not recommending you be a slug but don't be too busy out there!!

Thomas said...

When tapering, you're always full of energy. Don't use it! Keep it all stored up for your race. Be a slug! Sit on the sofa! Relax! You will need every ounce of energy on race day.

Robin said...

Isn't tapering weird??? I found it very strange. Now I'm n one big taper, being injured right now. Maybe I should get a run coach, too.....
Cliff, it seems like you are READY for this!
It is funny, my PT (who is also a triathlete) says the same thing as Thomas....relax and watch some TV while tapering and save your energy! :)