Friday, June 30, 2006

Focus training week breakdown (June 21 - 27)

Wed, June 21 - Long run - (100')
Thurs, June 22 - Drill Swim - (50')
Fri, June 23 - Hill Run (55'), Open Water Swim (90')
Sat, June 24 - Long bike (230') + Run (60') [brick]
Sun, June 25 - Bike (180'), Run (60'), Swim (60')
Mon, June 26 - Bike trainer (60'), Weights (45'), Open Water Swim (90')
Tues, June 27 - Run (104'), Swim Drills (45')

Total minutes = 1229 = 20.48 hours (not including stretching + yoga)
Number of sessions - Bike = 3, Run = 5, Swim = 5, Weights = 1
Avg of sleep per day = 7.4 hours (need improvement)

After thoughts:

- there are NO such thing as recovery run. I was wrong. Most of my runs were in trails to reduce the stress on the body (and the knees)
- more rest and more stretching and yoga will help
- take care of life's stuff before training week will help
- by Mon's open water swim, was feeling grouchy, but by Tues' swim I was stroked.
- my focus during the week is as follows: training, work, Church and rest. Anything else is out the door.
- for June 21 and 22nd, I have only one session. If I need to bump more hours, I can squeeze it there. This is just an observation. 20 hours per week is enough for my aerobic capacity right now.
- energy level throughout the week was strong. Other than the sushi buffet on Sat night, my diet stays about the same. Didn't over eat (maybe I did and didn't remember).

Something to keep in mind for the future:
- taking a work day off during focus training week will help
- might stretch the training week into two weeks instead of one
- warm up, cool down, stretch, hydration, nutrition, rest are very important, the more the better (especially sleep)
- keeping the mind and emotion at ease during focus training week is essential
- prepare the gears the night before help keeps the mind focus
- let family and friends know before hand when going into focus training week (hermit mode)
- buy lots of healthy food in preparation for the increase in calorie intake
- lots of fun!!

That's about it...i really need to de-stress myself. Thanks for letting me know to taper I need to relax as well :). This morning at work, I could feel the tension rising. So right now at work, I am taking it nice and easy. Computer ain't booting up the way I want. Oh well. Just relax and keep at it.

This coming weekend is a long weekend (it's Canada Day). I am heading to Guleph for Church conference. I am bringing all my gears (bike, runners, swim shorts) and do some light training. From the conference schedule, it looks like we have a lot of free time. My goal is to do my training early in the morning and then spend the rest of the day hanging out and relax.

On Sunday, there is Canada Triathlon Championship at Brampton. I will scoot over to watch them race. This should be exciting. Hope to see Meagan and Thomas race.

Lastly, i ain't use to having my teeth back (even though they are temps)..maybe i should ask the dentist to pull them out :D...ha...wait..maybe after i have my interviews..

have a great one ....


Habeela said...

Don't forget the mental taper is an unexpected thing - so don't take anything too seriously this week. Enjoy the R&R.

Kewl Nitrox said...

"take care of life's stuff before training week will help" - that's a gem that is often hard to practice or forgotten. I like that.

Glad to see you are having fun!

Anonymous said...

Those are some good training numbers Cliff. Have a great holiday weekend.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I see you've been keeping busy. Great lists. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend.

qcmier said...

I'm always amazed at your training volume.

On most of my "recovery runs" I will not look at my watch. I really try to recover physically and mentally those days.

Good luck with the interviewing.

BonnieJ said...

I'm just sort of blogger surfing here, I started looking for info on barefoot running form and ended up at the Chocolate Guy's Blog, and then I ended up here :) Happy running/biking/swimming!

Thomas said...

That is one mighty impressive week. You are certainly putting in the work.

You're wrong about the recover runs though. I always feel better the day after a slow five mile run than after a rest day. The key is to keep your heart rate way down.

Sarah Lukas said...

Now we can see your smiling new teeth in some of these pictures

Mike said...

Cliff...hope the taper is going well and you are ready to rock the race!

SOLID hours last week too!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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