Thursday, April 06, 2006

A long run...

Before I talked about the run, I want to show you guys my route:

Compare to Family Circus....does it look familiar??
During the run, that's all I can think about. Once in a while, Family Circus has a clip where the kid walks in every direction instead of taking the direct route home. I felt exactly like that last night. I had to think of every detour before I head home.

Here are my stats:

Distance: 23 km
Running Time: 2 hr 31 min
Calories burned: 1714
Avg HR = 150
Pace = 6:33 min km (10:33 min mile )

First hour, I had a good run. My HR was at mid 150s and I had a good pace. I run the same route every time and so when I took my gel at 50 min and realized I was further than before, sweet!

By the second hour, I felt exhuasted. My HR is low. It is within zone 1 and 2. I let my pace dropped. My legs were heavy. I attribute to the fact that I didn't drink enough. I had 3 gels and 750 ml of water. I confirmed it when I weighted myself afterwards. I was 142 lbs (with a 500 ml recovery drink). I normally weight 145 lbs. For sure I am not drinking enough. I had some yam congee before heading to bed to refill my glycogen and rehydrate myself.

I also can tell in the last 30 min, I was watching my HRM like it's a count down. 20 min to go, 15 min, 10 min, 6 min. My legs felt very heavy and at the last 25 min I was actually forcing myself to pick up the cadence. I want to get use to finishing strong.

Looking over the stats, here is something I realize:

i) I think I can run a faster pace if i hydrate myself properly. My HR was at 150 most of the time. That is low for me. If I keep it up at 160, 9 min mile or even 8 min mile is not impossible. Can I run that pace at the end of the HIM, I doubt it. But if I want to run faster, I have to run faster (as Steve said).

ii) Calves are more sore than before. It can't be the new shoes b/c it is the same model that I wore before and had no problems. Perhaps maybe this is due to muscle imbalance? , I have been doing leg press and leg extension. These works on the quads, glutes and the hamstrings. Perhaps I should do some workout to work on my calves. Some of the soreness radiates from the right ankles as well. I never have this problem before. Perhaps it is ITBS or shin split?

Those canker sores is a pain to deal with. I have one right at the back of my tongue. Everytime I swallow it hurts. Oh well...i had some of that chinese stuff i said last night. Will take a pic and posted it up. I think I am taking enough Vit C b/c I am also taking a supplement for it. Perhaps maybe Vit B is what i need. Thanks for the suggestions..


Anonymous said...

only 150 for HR, guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

Hey, what's the name of that mapping software you used?

William said...

Good run Cliff.

Usually that lack of energy is too much of a calorie defecit. Try eating more before you run. 200-400 calories per hour and a nice 300-500 cal meal 30-60 mins before.


Hilda said...

Nice long run. Hope those sore muscles are nothing bad. Still when a paid of shoes is giving you problems they won't show them up until a couple times running with them.
Look my funcky shoes here:
How funky are they for you?

Bolder said...

nice run Cliff.

i used to go to a bike shop in Streetsville, it's a good one.

i like that your route takes you past Terry Fox Way -- one of my heroes.

Habeela said...

Nice route. Reminds me of every run I've done in my hometown. :)

D said...

Great job on the run.

Carrie said...

Part of what I love about where I run is the different directions, turns, paths, and detours I can take to extend the run or see how long a new route will take. Great comparison to those Family Circus cartoons. Wonder if that's where we got the idea?

Eric said...

Great training run. A perfect run to help figure out your hydration/fueling needs for your HIM.

I'd say, success.

qcmier said...

Nice run...

You're running by a landfill, huh. Don't think you want to do hill repeats there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh Cliff. I needed one today. Great job on the run.

Mike said... circus brings back those cartoons.
I would definitely suggest taking in more calories and water on the long stuff! Don't want to have the lack of calories affect your recovery for your workouts tomorrow.
Be careful with the leg / ankle soreness too...back it off it for awhile if necessary. You don't want to end up hobbling around like me! ;-0

Rachel said...

nice course. i know what you mean about taking detours. I'm trying to design some loops around the apartment for evening, after-work bikes during the week. Hydrating definitely will help. It helped me so much when I got a fuel belt that I went too fast on my next 10-mile run and pulled an abductor!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Great job on the run!

Hey, this may sound kinda gross, but see if the Chinese Medicine Shop has a powder called "Water Melon Powder" or something like that. It comes in a spray bottle so you can literally spray it over the canker sores. Works very well. Sleeping well and drinking loads of water also helps. Not enough sleep and too much stress also causes heatiness.

Battman said...

Great run! Love the Family Circus...

Rae said...

Awesome job on your long run! You are so dedicated to your training!

I love the Family Circus comparison, that's hilarious! Keep up the great work!

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