Thursday, March 16, 2006

A mix of thoughts

Today had a morning run. Up at 5:40. Popped in two gels and I was good to go.

Ran about 9.8 miles in 1 hr 40 min (including red lights and traffic). I wore my new shoes. Felt pretty good. Some aches and pains but by the end of the run, they disappeared. I haven't replace battery for the HRM yet. So I was running by feel. By the last half I was picking up the intensity. By the last .5 mile, I was really pushed my feet to get the cadence up. Must have looked like a Road Runner.

I had an idea for April 1st. It is quite funny. :) I won't say what it is. I just need to get a few things first. Trust me, it's funny :) And no, it ain't me swimming....ok that's funny too..but I hope what I am thinking is funnier.

I was listening to SimplyStu's old podcast. There is an episode where he was talking about triathlon as a lifestyle....I couldn't agree more. My biggest fear is that this triathlon thing will become a dead hobby like I have in the past. All the passion, all the effort..just wasted....anywho..enough of this bad thoughts...

I still consider myself as a newbie. There is a number of ppl around my circle recently have taken up this sport. I didn't do anything...(right..other than the fact that i talk about training ALL THE TIME). The virus is spreading..excellent.

- My sis' friend from Florida is doing her first sprint tri (conversed through email, she found me through [one of those see all your friend's friends sites])
- Jen and Oliver from my Fellowship are doing a dualathlon in September (I will join them as well)
- Pat also from Fellowship is considering doing a sprint tri
- Pat's friend, Donna, she is doing a sprint tri this summer and already bought the bike (now that's dedication)
- Melissa, another friend, is running her 10 km in next Sunday
- Wayne, from University, just did a 5 km last Sunday

A lot of them are asking me questions about training and what not. I try my best to answer them.

I know a few weeks ago I felt quite stressful with things. It felt like I have to focus on myself first..... Until the 1/2 Chili Run I ran with Anners, I realized how much fun it was to see a friend getting in shape and able to share the sport with them. Then I realized that I should share and help what I can to get people into this sports. I know a few might want to train this summer and it might conflict with my training schedule. I will do my best to fit them in.

At the same time, I need to get a mentor as well. The process of learning never ends. There is a bunch of guys that I chatted over a forum. They live around me and they train for Ironman as well. This summer, I will be doing a few long rides with them and squeeze their brain for knowledge. Also at the same time...get a coach and learn how to bike, run better.

Budget is limited me to a few is what i am planning to do:
i) Get my bike fitted by early April (before my 200 km ride)
ii) Get a wetsuit in mid May
iii) Continue to work with my swim coach, once a month, or once every five week
iv) Get a coach to look at my run form
v) Grab tri gears from the Tri Geek Alliance ;) (thanks Tri-Daddy and Kahuna)

Here comes the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF ALL. I can add a name to my tri gears. I am thinking something like "Cancer Survivor, Christian Triathlete". Or maybe just Christian Triathlete. Not sure yet..i don't want it to be too long. Oh all this tri name stuff is so mind boggling. Thinking hurts too much :)


jameson said...

it's funny how a healthty, active lifestyle is contagious... my brother who i talk to all the time about my training, eventhough i am sure he could care less, is doing his first race this weekend. it's an 8k... i didnt talk him into it. he just took it on himself. i am stoked... keep up the hard work.

Steven said...

How about "Christian Cancer Survivor" or "Cancer Surviving Christian."
You'll think of something worthy, I'm sure.

Trisaratops said...

Very cool you are inspiring your friends...and all of us, too! :)

Cycling Under The Influence said...

It's good when you rub off on other people. It is also good how you can have a mentor and at the same time act as a mentor to others. Lead by example in all parts of your life, and it will always end up like that.

Migofast said...

Ive found the easiest way to get someone involved in an active lifestyle is invite them to an event. Then the "I can do that" happens and next thing you know they're outrunning YOU! ;)

qcmier said...

Yeah, you inspire more people than you realize.

anners said...

See a friend getting in shape? I will whoop your a$$ next time ;)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Yo cliff, maybe that's your mission in life - to be a mentor towards living life to the full for the Lord. :)

How about "Just Cliff - Life After Cancer" or "Cancer(crossed out) Life in Christ".

Mike said...

Ha! I love Anners comment- she is calling you out Cliff!;-)
You definitely called it on one of the joys of the sport- getting inspired / inspiring others- it's a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

Cancer survivor...God's Grace. I have to remind myself why I wear "Livestrong"... Sometimes we have to stay focused on the little things we take for granted. With my 14 yr old being a cancer survivor, I wear Yellow for him and all the others that go through this "stuff". Isn't there a yellow something or the other with a date? Then again, that would limit it to your date....Big decision for you :)


Rachel said...

an early, long run like that sounds so peaceful. i'm envious that i was still in bed.

CJ said...

Good to have goals and its encouraging when people around you get into the fitness thing as well. Most people where I work just think I'm crazy! However some of my best friends also get into triathlons and running. Plus I've met some really wonderful people too.

Mun-Mun said...

train me this summer (=

Comm's said...

personally I like Cliff. It says it all. Actions speak louder than words.