Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I am sure we all think about it. How fast can I go? How long have I train? PR, much as I don't think too much about it, I think about my time all the time.

I was thinking about my swim time last night. I swam 2 km in 53 min. If I can shrink that down to 40 min for HIM, it would be perfect......then I realize something. My mentality is wrong.

Given a choice, what would you do in a race. Save 10 min in the swim, 10 min on the bike or 10 min in the run?? For me, I am pretty strong on the bike so I ain't worry about that. Since running is the last leg, I would rather save 10 min on that.

If I have to save 10 min from the swim, that's not too hard right? Just increase my stroke rate. Kick a bit harder. Hmm..then i will be coming out of the water with a 165 HR.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I should just give that 10 min away in the swim. I rather finish the HIM with a strong run. That's the key. Leave some gas in the tank and finish strong at the end. No shuffle.

Part of me also think that I will swim 2 km under 53 min. It has taken me five months to swim from 50 m to 2000 km. I have 2 more months before my HIM. I am sure between now till then, I will be getting better at this.

Swim smooth. Come out the water fresh so I can get on the bike and run hard afterwards.

Side Note: I was speaking to a ClifBar's Customer Service. They had told me they discontinue the Big Shot. Nuts. They still create the single package. For now, i am sticking with Carb-Boom. 24 servings per bottle. It will last me for two weeks.


Migofast said...

I definitely agree get through the swim as efficiently as possible and save the juice for the bike and run.

Fe-lady said...

Knocking ten min. off a swim or run time is pretty much next to IMPOSSIBLE for me. I am pretty much where I am and am not/can not increase my mileage in those two areas at this time. I can however spend more time on my bike, as I only am riding about four hours a week. That's peanuts. So IF I got off the damn mountain bike, and bought a, say, LITESPEED BLADE, heck yes, 10 min. would be GONE, just like that!

Cycling Under The Influence said...

Look at the run splits from a triathlon, and look at the overall finishing times. The people with the better run splits finish at the top of the age groups more often than not. Also- if you try too hard in the swim, I would be willing to bet you that you are going to lose time on the run. Be smooth and efficient at the beginning of the race, you will be thankful for it later.

William said...

You have 4 months not 2!

Steven said...

You have probably heard this before, but I'm going to say it again...You cannot win a triathlon in the swim, but you can lose one.

Meaning keep the swim easy and pick up intensity with each discipline.

Finishing with a strong run is the best way to pass a TON of people.

psbowe said...

Looks like you got plenty of time to work on that timing.

I think Jamie brought up a good point, isn't how much effort you put into one reflect on the other ...well I'm talking about the first two events. Sorry I'm not a triathlete, that's why I don't know which order they go.

Trisaratops said...

You've got a great mentality on this, Cliff! You are continuing to get stronger. That swim time is great and will only go down from here. You are dedicated and will do it! Better to save the "juice" for the bike and run.

Thomas said...

I remember the women's Olympic triathlon 2004. The eventual gold medal winner was something like 44th out of the water, but she destroyed the field during the run.

The woman who came out of the water first was nowhere near the medal places.

IMHO the run is definitely the most important part - though that's coming from a runner ;-)

TriDaddy said...

Great advice here. My plan has always been to finish with a smile on my face. You can't do that if you're weak on the run and strong in the swim.

Anonymous said...

To knock off that much time on the run can be a task. Wouldn't want to see you hang it up for a while due to an injury... I read earlier..Keep the balance.