Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 Race Schedule and beyond...

As you can see on the side bar, I have added my 2006 Race Schedule.

Before I explain how I planned out my schedule, I want to give a overview of my plan.

The training for this year and next year is for 2007 Ironman Lake Placid. My goal is to qualify for Kona five years from now. Just like in University, it takes about 4-5 years to graduate (ok five for me, b/c I am slow :D), I figure five years is good enough time for me to get into competitive shape. I figure if I am going to train, I better train big.

From this goal, I work backwards. Ok to qualify for Kona, I need to race Ironman. To race Ironman, I have to do an Ironman. To do one, I have to train for one. So here I am.

Kona is too far away. I cannot imagine myself qualifying yet. It seems impossible coming from a guy who can't swim 1000 m, bike only at 30 kph (18.75 mph) and run only 5 min/k (can't do math, I think is about 8 min/mile) [NOT ALL at the same time]. So to stop my brain from screaming at me that Kona is not impossible, I told it to focus on Ironman Lake Placid (LP). To focus on LP, I have to focus on the races this year.

The two key races are the two half Ironmans (HIMs). These two are the ones that I am going to go all out. First learn by doing 1/2 Peterborough IM. Refine the technique and lessons learn and give it all in 1/2 Ottawa IM. (Side note: I am hoping to get a new tri bike by late summer, if possible, then I might able to much better with a better fit bike)

I am going to do three tris to get the experience (transitions, being out there, nutrition/hydration plan). The first few runs are with Anners and Will. Those are what I call Social races ("S" races). I am just running with them.

The 200 km (125 miles) bike ride is my b-day present for myself. I know it sounds weird but I have been hankering to do some long bike ride. In theory (a very poor one, that is), if I take gel and gatorade, it is possible to ride forever? :D. Well, the furtherest I have gone is 180 km. The amazing thing is the next day, I wasn't even tired.

The 75 km Becel's Ride for Heart is more to practice riding uphill. They block off a section of a highway. The first 1/2 of the route is uphill and the last half is down. I figure this will be a good way to get my legs use to the hills.

That's it. It is really simple. Really. I break it down into small bites to make it easy to swallow. Hopefully even with these small bites, I won't choke :D.


Sixteen Chickens said...

You dream big, Cliff! That is GRAND! Good for you! You are one of the most driven people I don't really know! ;) One word of advice, you must now give all beers to me, they aren't in your training program, i didn't see nothing about beers in there.

anners said...

Are chili and timbits included in your race diet? I will be chowing down on those after the chili half ;)

JGC Photography said...

Good Luck with the Ironman Cliff. I will do one one of these days. I need to quit my job to train more.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »