Saturday, December 10, 2005

A week...

With church's programs, implementing database at work and starting training, this week just wheez right by me. Oh yeah, i forgot about Xmas. My family ain't very festive (we don't even have a christmas tree). And such, I am not very festive. I generally like giving out Xmas cards. It is more personal.

Just looking back this week:

Mon - Swim with Coach 2 hr
Tues - nothing
Wed - Bike (40 min) - should have woke up early to swim but didn't (laziness)
Thurs - Swim before work (1 hr)
Fri - Swim before work (40 min), ran (40 min), swim afterwards (40 min)
Sat (today) - Swim (90 min), bike (60 min)

I would like to add one more run the next week. So each week I get two runs and two bikes and spend everything in the pool. I borrowed two tapes from the library. One is on stretching and one on Yoga. With that plus weight lifting. Geez, my schedule is slowly filling up.

I didn't swim this morning as planned. I didn't want to worn out my ankles. And since Pat (from my Fellowship), asked me to go watch a movie that night, why not?

I didn't got home last night until 2 am. We watched Syriana. It was very well filmed. The characters are real and you get to see perspective from each side of the party. You get to see how the oil company, the US government, the Prince and the family and the lowly workers interwine with each other. This is greed at its best (or worst).

Today, the community pool is suppose to be teaching classes. And such, they reserved only one swimming lane for us swimmers. To my surprise, the pool was empty today. SWEET. I love getting a lane to myself. I am doing drills and hate it when I interfere with someone's swim. I do think there is a sign of improvement.

During my vertical kicks, I had trouble staying afloat. However, before I leave I can stay afloat just enough that my mouth can grab air. I focus on keeping my legs relax and at the same time keep my feet straight. I think that's the key. Relax (like Kewl Nitrox as suggested).

In my previous post, Batman commented that we should train are right. No shame :). Al Carter, yes, we will learn to swim freestyle.....


D said...

I am glad you received the snow I sent your way! :) Don't feel bad, without the float belt I would be sinking all of the time. I swear the life guards focus on me because they think they are going to have to rescue me any moment....(slight exaggeration....)

Tammy said...

"laziness"? Is that negative self-talk I hear? Stop that! It's ok to sleep in on occaison :)

I do want to see Syriana. Glad to hear the good review. There are so many interesting movies out right now...

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Yay-- nothing like having a lane all to oneself! The lanes at my pool are particularly narrow, so even the good swimmers aren't too crazy about sharing. When you're still getting a feel for it or trying to do drills, dodging another swimmer every lap can be enough to put one off swimming altogether.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good to hear things are going well in the pool. :)

Talk about laziness, I watched a late movie last night (Sat) on TV and got up late. After church, took the kids to Toys R Us for Xmas shopping and now I am too worn out to do the planned swim/bike brick. Looks like I will postpone biking to next week when I get my new aero bar.

Thomas said...

Don't worry too much about the swimming. You've got plenty of time until your IM, and you will improve a lot until then.

And Cliff, please stop criticising yourself all the time. You’re doing fantastically well, and deserve praise, not negative talk. Especially from yourself.

William said...

Great week Cliff.

Boris' Dad said...

you're right; even though i hate politics, i wish i had seen the movie with you guys :)

TriZilla said...

Wow, with all of that swimming, you are sure to improve very quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

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BTW, is this your typical week? Mainly a runner with aspiration of doing a tri.(May)


Mon - Swim with Coach 2 hr
Tues - nothing
Wed - Bike (40 min) - should have woke up early to swim but didn't (laziness)
Thurs - Swim before work (1 hr)
Fri - Swim before work (40 min), ran (40 min), swim afterwards (40 min)
Sat (today) - Swim (90 min), bike (60 min)

Anonymous said...

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