Friday, December 02, 2005

Last night's MSN Chat...

Cliff : I am close to smelling like chlorine There is one blogger who said his wife hates it when he smells like cholrine..
Len(2) : You need to use a different shower soap, then :)

Cliff : I have to reach to that stage
Cliff : When girls (and guys) runs away from me cause of my reekness..that menas I have bathed enough chlorine pool.

Len(2) : I know they had anti-chlorine shampoo - because otherwise you can get seriously dry hair if you don't wear a swim cap. I wonder if they make anti-chlorine soap. I don't even know if they still make/sell that shampoo.

Cliff : I got a cap. I don't want to be bald :) I ain't worry about that. I dye my hair too and the chlorine just eat that up.

Len(2) : Look around - they may have anti-chlorine soap out there.

Cliff : No need. I like it. Is a badge of honor. Like those bruises u get from paintball.
Len(2) : Covers up the regular wet-dog smell you've got, too :)

Cliff : People ask me..'what's that smell'..i be like.."that's Mississauga Community Pool". One ordor to mask another ordor :D

Len(2) : An odor you can explain to mask one that you can't :)
Cliff : As long as it works

Len(2) :
That should be the advertising slogan for a perfume :)

Have a great weekend everyone...I will be out training :)


Sixteen Chickens said...

Hahahaha! The chlorine smell gets even worse when you get sweated up, then it just sort of oozes out of your pores. One benefit, it does leave you with nice soft blemish free skin. :)

Papa Tweet said...

Hey Clif, regarding your previous post, you aren't the first one to feel this way on your trainer. I will tell you the same thing I just told Commodore, you will eventually develop a love/hate relationship with it. You will love the rewards of a trainer, but you will hate your long workouts on it. Don't worry, you will get used to it. It may feel akward because you don't have to worry about balance and control. Be sure to work on things such as cadence and pedal stroke. I call them perfect circles. Apply even pressure 360 degrees of your complete pedal stroke. It will increase efficiency and endurance. Good luck, I am in the same boat as you. I am training for IMAZ with snow on the ground here in Utah. No other options, so I must rely on the trainer. Kind of a bummer, but better than nothing. Take care Clif.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Cliff, keep up the great attitude and be proud of that swim cap - even my kids wear them (will post a picture next time).

I did a couple winters on trainers in Vancouver years back. Yes, they are awkward but it sure beats sitting on the couch. :) I read that speed skating (as in, on ice)is actually great for cross training, maybe you can try that too?

D said...

Ugh - chlorine!

By the way, use one of those float belts....guaranteed not to sink! LOL.

Sarah Lukas said...

Haha- well I hope the smells all work out for you- But it seems there are many pros to this as well as cons!