Friday, December 02, 2005

A date

It wasn't what I expected. I rush back home figuring I can spend an hour on the trainer before Fellowship (yup, Susan, Wylee, Al Carter, sarah, I choose iii). Rushing back home, I have the same nervousness as I was asking a girl out.

I got home, grabbed my shorts, put on my bike shoes and hopped on the bike. I made sure the skewer was set up correctly (Thanks Steven). I made sure the tire was in contact with the roller (thanks IronBenny). Got the tv turn on. Set the remote next to the bike. Everything was perfect.

But it didn't feel right. Maybe b/c I haven't done this for a long time (since September). Maybe b/c I have been off training since November. Maybe I am just bad with my trainer. It doesn't feel like the same as if I am outdoor. I miss the wind, miss the resisitence and miss the view.

So there I was. Stuck in the basement. I watched Seinfield. I flipped through the tv. Nothing interesting was on. By 40 min, I had enough...I got off.

Maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe I am just out of shape. Maybe a movie or some other show will help.

I am not putting this off. I love to bike. Getting back on the saddle felt great. I think my ass is not use to riding anymore. It was complaining by 30 min. Need to get this rust off of me.

Next time I promise I will be better. Next time I will bring some roses and candy and be a gentleman.


I have more toys yesterday. The fins and pull buoy had arrived. I tried out the fins this morning. I spent 20 minutes flipping and flopping around in the pool. I notice they helped my leg kick slower. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing (gotta ask my coach about this).

I was telling Shirley (my running friend from the west) that I have been training a lot more. Ever since I have start training again this week, it was like I have much more time for it. It is all about perspective. Ok, I have an hour between church and work. Let's go do.....

Today after work, I am going to take another chlorine bath to play with the pull buoy. Tomorrow, bike, run, work out and swim (drills). These are all low intensity. It will be the first time I am heading back to the gym. Tomorrow is like a triathlon on its own :)

December is my transition month. I am going to focus on technique. Running 180 steps per minute. Swimming..well LEARN NOT TO SINK. Biking, get use to riding again....

I am planning on training 550 hrs next season. This is an average of 10 hours a week. With what I have been training this week, I think I am equal or over that. I just have to make sure I don't over train. Right now I think I am ok b/c all my training is done in low intensity. I am focusing more on technique and drills. That won't wear my body out physically. Christmas came 24 days earlier for Cliffy ;)


Recovering Alumni said...

Focusing on technique is a great idea, Cliff. I think I should incorporate that into my running.

I thought you were going to tell us about a real date!? ;)

Phil said...

You've gotta get some good tapes/DVDs to watch.

I've been taping Tour de France for a couple of years, and Ironman, I drop those in, and the time flies by.

I've also checked-out a bunch of vintage (mid 80s) TdeF videos from the library - it really makes a world of difference.

I may even try the Spinerval series of DVDs this year.

Another trick I have, is I set my watch to a 2 minute, countdown timer repeat. When it beeps, I take a hit of water, and up the tension. I usually start out with 10mins of easy spin, then every 2 mins up the tension, hold it for 2-3 intervals, and then step it down again every 2 mins, and then step it back up etc.

Cliff said...

real date...ha.i didn't have one for those..for a year now...

well there was this girl i ran with for 5 hours at the marathon...she didn't keep in contact afterwards. Maybe I scare her with my endless training talks :)

I kinda consider that as a date :)

TriZilla said...

Just like dating (which I know about right now!) give it another shot. Hee hee, I like the analogy, though. :)

William said...

It will come Cliff. Make specific time commitments on the bike and time it.

Phil is right about appropriate video's and the interval system.

Thats what I do. I have a little spread sheet that lets me select climb, sprint etc and the time and builds a program for that session.

It really helps to step through a script and stay focused on that.

I thought maybe you ordered one of those blow up dates!!!! 8-)

Jank said...

Phil's got it nailed - get something you want to watch. My favorite is March, when you can choose between college hoops, pre-season baseball, or end-of season NBA. TdF tapes are good.

Suprisingly good are action shows. Got lots of good mileage out of the treadmill and rollers last winter watching "24".

I think I'm going to get a stationary trainer sometime this winter, too. Why? So I can try to read while spinning.

Steven said...

Good movies or good workout tapes help ALOT. Also, riding on a trainer can be harder than riding outside. You don't get to coast any downhills, stop at any traffic lights, slow down and rest or eat. On the trainer it is go, go, go. Start with less time and build up. It'll happen. But I limit it to 2 hours myself. I've done 3 - but SUCKS.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Try the Spinervals videos! I've gotten some good deals buying them on ebay, but you can get them from most bike order places like Nashbar, and of course from as well.

Nancy Toby said...

30 minutes is all I've been able to stand on the trainer so far. It really, really, really bores me. Bravo.