Monday, November 07, 2005

What is the best cure for having a tooth remove? Just like everything in life, you go for a jog.

I haven't gone one for a while. I went for a run on Sat morning before heading to the dentist. I don't even consider it as a run. It's more like a waddling my butt across the neighbourhood. Mentally I wasn't focus on running. I was rushing to get it done. Fifteen minutes later, I was huffing and puffing dragging myself back home.

It's funny when you consider that three weeks ago I ran 5 hr. Now I can't even do 20 min.

I am looking forward to the Hannukah Hustle. There is something about racing that get my blood flowing. Maybe it is because I am really making the commitment (slapping down the 30 bucks to register). Or maybe it is the competitiveness in me. I can already picture how the race will be (visualize, visualize, visualize). Taking every stride in perfect motion. Arms swinging back and fourth. Are my breathing steady? Yes. Can I push a bit harder? Yes. Ok, move faster. How's my HR? 170? Good. Let's maintain that till the end. And no, I won't be pushing grannys and other runners off the road :P.

My right knee is still achy. It is on and off. This morning I felt it. When I message it, it felt fine.

The included pic was taken 200 meters before the finish line in my triathlon. That's the mindset I am seeing myself in the 10 km run.


D said...

I like the intensity in that photo!

anners said...

any bad run is better than no run :)

:) said...

cool pic!