Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Running in the dark.

I went out for a jog last night. I haven't done that for a while now. I figure I must get use to it. There is something calming in the night. Ordinary there is a large amount of traffic on my regular route. Last night, it seemed different. Maybe it is the darkness around me.

I spent the last portion of the run working on my cadence. I run 160 steps per minute. Most books I have come upon suggest to run at 180 steps. Like first time driving manual, I struggle at this. I wish I can record myself. I bet it would be pretty funny.

I try to get my stumpy feet to move faster and taking shorter stride. As I am doing that, I try to balance myself by leaning back. Leaning back is bad because it kills your momentum. So I make myself lean forward. It felt very ackward. I know sooner or later I will pick this up.

Right knee is whining half way through the run. It was sore right below the knee cap (the part that connects to the lower leg). 5 minutes later it was gone.


William said...

Yeah 85-90 rpm seems like the way to go. I cycle at that cadence as well.

I was looking at the picture in Going Long about back position and there is something there.

I as notice pro-triathletes always have that same upper body lean like their entire body is falling forward.

tri-mama said...

I've never counted my steps per minute, but I did shorten my stride and increased my turnover in my feet and I run between 1-2 minutes per mile faster and can sustain that pace longer. It felt really weird at first but now it's great and best of all no leg pains.

Jennifer P said...

What Ironman are you training for?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Running in the dark is really fun, especially on trails. I've never counted my steps, before...or even thought to.