Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Less Running and More Working

So here I thought I will have more time in November since I don't have a structure training, how wrong I am.

At work, we are implementing a database for our inventory control. Right now we are using several big spreadsheet to do the work. As you can imagine, it is very frustrating (especially for those that are illerate).

My boss had hired a consultant to design a database for us. Sadly to say, this consultant has not done his job. He basically created an excel spreadsheet in Access. For the past few weeks I have been learning Access and hacking it to make it more user-friendly and automate some of the process. I just can't believe the consultant can write this piece of POS and consider as a final product. I know we are on a tight budget (as in any other small business). If you can't write a good piece of software with the given budget, then say so.

Well. The good news is that Access is easy to pick up. Tables and data can be link in a snap. I would like to make this program easier to use but the boss is on my butt to implement. The not so good news is that to implement this, I will be working OT to hammer it out.

I am not complaining. My focus at work for the past few weeks have been waning. Mainly because of blog obsession. :) So I have been slacking before. Now I will be spending more time at work. Sounds fair to me.


Recovering Alumni said...

My husband works in IT so I can understand your frustration. Do what you gotta do and then get back out there! And try not to hit the vending machine on those late nights...

William said...

Hey Cliff, I feel your pain. I develop databases and apps all day long, as well as all the other hardware/networking stuff.

If you need technical help let me know.

Mike said...

That must have been a pretty small budget. The old saying "You get what you pay for" is so true when it comes to custom software development.