Sunday, October 02, 2005

Toothless Triathlete scratches his running itch.

A run....light and fun
Drink: 300 ml water
Distance: 9.69
Intensity: Light
Time started: 6:10 pm
Duration: 1 hr 20 min (80 min)
Weather: Cool and light wind (22 degrees)

What a great day to get back pounding the pavement. Today was a test to see how right knee and my teeth was feeling. Right knee was all good. It looks like it is healed. I want to test myself how it feels to do a jog run. All I can say is that I miss running :).

I saw a deer at Credit River. It was amazing. It just walked across the trail. It stopped and satre at me. The deer was 20 feet away and it wasn't afraid of me. I guess he must got use to seeing a lot of toothless runners around and know we are harmless :D. I am surprise to see such wildlife in the suburb.

Fall is definitely in the air. It was cool and no breeze. My legs need lotion. They are getting dry and itchy.

So am I going to do the marathon? It looks like I might be able to. Oct 17 is the race day. I figure this week I will do some jogging. Saturday will do a 21 km and see how that feels. Then taper more next week.

Lastly. Thanks for all the support. Especially the other triathlete bloggers and my chruch brothers and sisters.. :)...I feel so touch to see so many caring people. Can't wait till marathon :)....