Monday, October 03, 2005

T-Minus 12

Woah. Time sure go by fast. Just checking the Toronto Marathon and there is only 12 days left. A few things I have to step up a bit.

First, more jogs. Get my body use to the distance. This also include waking up early and running in the morning as oppose to running after work. SLEEP EARLY
Second, bottle, water belt, clothing. I have been running with the hydration belt still needs more getting use to it. It felt quick loose. I should have get a smaller size. The weather is still hot for Fall (25 degrees avg). If it drop down to 15-18 and it gets windy and rainy, need to get my fall gear.
Third, step up my diet a bit. It is too late to change diet and see the result. However, I need to test my nutrition before, during and after marathon so my stomach won't be giving me any troubles. This means, no junk food (no more mint chocolate ice cream), no beer (bye bye empty calories) and no fast food (bye bye artery clogging trans fat).
Fourth, mental. This is it. If the runs in this week and first half of next week is all good (no injury). I will be all light up and ready to go. If I have time, I will drive over the last 12 km portion of the marathon. I never ran that part before. I want to go through that part so mentally I have an image of how the terrain feels like.

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