Sunday, October 16, 2005

A surreal experience.

There is only one word to describe a marathon, surreal.

As of now, I woke up few hours from a nap after the race. My legs are aching a bit. I think I am coming down with a cold. I am not too hungry. I am still trying to absorb what I have gone through.

It was amazing. To look back and think I have run 42 km (well I walk a bit :) ), it is unthinkable. Three months ago, I was only doing 15 km max. Now I can call myself a marathoner. My head has not comprehend yet.

It almost feel like a dream. The memories are there in my head. I can revisit the first 30 min as my HRM is going crazy. I can remember each and every aid station as I stop and chug down water. I can still picture the kids that were running along me when I was pounding down Yonge street.

I will do a full detail report afterwards.

My time was 5 hr and 18 min. :) Har, super slow but my goal is simple, to finish.

I met a girl along the race (Mimi) and I ran along with her for the whole time. I am glad my cousin and my family came and support me. There is so much to give thanks to. Especially to the volunteer. Lastly and more importantly to the Lord. To continue to bless me and give me strength when the going gets tough.

The pic was taken by my cousin just before I head into the finish line. The girl behind me is Mimi. She is tough. A painful ankle and still keep on pounding :).

I didn't got a chance to see William. Congrats on your PR.

In terms of technicals, there is still a lot I have to learn. The aid station was further apart and I had to adapt my hydration strategy. My cardio was fine, HR was super low (130s - 140s). My legs were taking a pounding. I just see this as a training for my Ironman.

To reward myself, I bought a few books from Amazon. Got a nutrition book and a training book. Need to relearn and unlearn everything :). Fundamentals they are the key.


Born To Endure said...

Finishing is good!! Congrats!!

William said...

Way to go!!! Awesome job, and you've even got enough time to pick up the ladies!

Recovering Alumni said...

Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Ironman is at your fingertips! Congratulations, Mr. Marathon!

Boris' Dad said...

congrats toothy ;0

Anonymous said...

GUY!!! that's some great achievement!!!i'm a soccer player and i can't run more than 5 minutes continuous :( Ironman China...see u there (i'll watch from the side)

Tracy said...

YOU DID IT! Congratualtions, marathoner!

D said...

Congratulations...marathoner! It is always fun to meet new people at these marathons!

....and wresting w/one's dog...definitely in the cross training category!!

Anonymous said...

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