Monday, October 31, 2005

Format c:

Ever since I have received those those books from Amazon, I have been trying to retrain my mind. I know for me my biggest problem is complacency. Doing the same old routine. Change becomes difficult (if not impossible). Worst, my complaceny quickly can lead to arrogance. Expecting different results from the same action is insanity.

In order to push for better performance, I have started unlearning everything. This is the hard part. I want to, again, to learn triathlon like it is the first time. It really isn't that hard consider that I only have done one tri this year :).

I want to throw all the theories, all the knowledge, all the expectations, all the assumptions out the door and start from scartch. As a geek will say (type) "format c:"

I have change a bit of my mindset already. I hope by the time I set down my 2006 training plan, I would have flipped my brain upside down and inside out. Better yet, maybe I can get a bigger brain on ebay or something :)

On a side note: My swimming have been improving. I know I am moving in the water much smoother. I am more calm and relax. I think I can do a lap of freestyle non stop. I focus on my stroke. "Am I swimming downhill? Is my arm entering the water as fluid as possible? Am I rotating when I do a stroke? Am I kicking with my hip instead of my legs? Should I slow down and focus on my movement? Am I reaching?" I have found a swim class for December. It is in downtown Toronto. I just have to work out the logistics before applying to it.


Lucky number 7 said...

Good Luck with your 2006 goals and flipping your brain inside out and up side down. I recently did that with my diet!! It is great once you start the journey, but change is so very hard!

D said...

I am anxious to hear about flipping your brain inside out and upside down! Wow - swimming is so much more complicated than I remember it. Sounds like you are mastering it!

Kewl Nitrox said...

May the Lord bless you as you seek to live life to the fullest in accordance to His good and perfect will! As you train, learn and reach for the Ironman, remember to draw your strength in Him.

The funny thing about swimming I found is that if I keep hitting the water, over time my strokes do get smoother. I believe a lot comes from having good balance in the water, and that just comes from being comfortable with your stroke.

William said...

Format C: eh? Thats a good one. I can relate to that because I am a computer geek.

Great wat to re-think this thing and get the technique down. You are your own coach!